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Jan 16, 2014 05:28 AM

Last Chance Kitchen 1/15/2014 spoilers

Brian vs. Louis
Brian returns and Tom mentions that his choice of boneless, skinless chicken breast is what sent him home, and that it was a boneheaded move not to use the whole bird. He doesn't ask Brian (or it's edited out) who he thinks he will be against.
Louis comes in. They are told they will be cooking with the skin and bones, the stuff Brian left out. He unveils a platter of pork, chicken and duck skin and bones. They have 45 minutes to cook.
Louis immediately fires up the wood oven. He roasts vegetables under pig skin in the oven.
They are both making a kind of stock.
I don't really know how to describe either dish. Brian's is lovely and has roasted eggplant and a crispy salad and broth. Looks nice. Tom says it is the best dish Brian has cooked in the competition.
Louis' dish has the vegetables that were roasted under pig skin, an egg yolk poached in olive oil, broth and I believe both dishes had some crispy chicken skin.
Tom says it's a hard decision, but while Brian's is the best dish Brian has cooked all season, Louis' dish is the best dish overall Tom's tasted all season.
Brian seems to take it well and is happy he's going out on a good dish and not a fail if he has to go out. Tom reminds Louis he has to win one more LCK and he is back in the finale.
And for those that keep track, Janine's daisy dukes return, however, for once the camera doesn't seem overly focused on her.

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  1. Louis is, in Brian's words, a beast. This will be interesting.

    1. Louis is really showing his stuff in LCK in a way he never was able to in TC.

      I am loving Louis!

      1. Louis is going gangbusters. I think no matter who he goes up against in his last LCK, it'll be tough. Unless Nicholas overthinks things again.

        I'd like Louis, Shirley and Nina in the finale.

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          Shirley has really grown on me this season. And Nina too. As much as it pains me to pick against my home boy Nick, he is getting annoying. And have I mentioned I love Louis' smile?

          So I'm with you LW--that would be a great finale. And while they are all competetive, they all seem genuinely happy competing.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Totally agree with your top 3. I've thought Nina would go all the way from the beginning, Louis has really turned it on in Last Chance Kitchen, and Shirley has been killing it in the last several weeks.

            Carlos seems to flail when he is out of his comfort zone.

            Nicolas always overthinks it, and he's a total crybaby. I was really looking forward to Padma telling him to pack his knives this week.

          2. Very impressed with Louis in LCK. He's certainly a force to be reckoned with.

            1. LCK lets the chefs be the best at who they are; it's the "competition" part that often sinks them on the SHOW part.

              That being said, I'm still convinced that Carlos and Nick are only around, still, in order to draw chaos-hunting viewers.

              Final 3-- Louis, Shirley, Nina.
              Winner-- probably Shirley; some element of the constructed drama in the TV competition will trip up Louis.