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Jan 16, 2014 05:11 AM

Restaurant recommendation for couple with dietary restrictions-Please help!

So both myself and my wife are on restrictive diets which make it difficult to go to restaurants. On the Family Day weekend we would like to keep our tradition of staying downtown and having a mini-vacation. We want to be able to at least visit some restaurants but unsure which restaurants would accommodate to our strict restrictions. Our major restrictions include for myself: tomatoes, black pepper (pepper in general), sugar (but can have natural sugar such as maple, agave, fruit), nightshades (eggplant, potatoes). For my wife it includes the former but also dairy, eggs and wheat. We can have some meat (turkey, chicken and fish).

One restaurant that we have enjoyed in the past has been La Fenice which seems to have some items that we could possibly eat such as chicken cooked with herbs and dry sherry and a tableside prepared fish drizzled in lemon.

Any suggestions for restaurants that either have some items right off the menu or ones that I could call ahead who would be happy to accommodate such strict restrictions?

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  1. Starfish if you can do oysters, clams, lobster and such would seem to be a good bet to me.

    An other option would be Japanese food which I do not frequent so I will let others weigh in on where best to go downtown if that is something that would interest you...

    1. Grasslands on Queen west of Spadina is very good at accommodating allergies.