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Jan 16, 2014 12:16 AM


Anybody tried this burger ? After Taste closed its door, where else can we get it... would llike to try it.


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  1. this is the only one made by the originator from ny (at taste today). i didn't hear about it in time to get one :(

    i think tanakas makes a version, google it. but if they use their saimin for the burger, take a pass. their saimin is junk.

    a lot of other copycats are popping up, again, google it.

    and let us know how they are.

    1. Didn't try it, but drove by at about 3:30 this afternoon and noticed the Ramen Burger sign. I'd say there were 20-30 people lined up along the sidewalk waiting. Hope it was good.

      1. Glad I didn't try to get it. Saw the pictures of the line. There's no way I would wait in line several hours to eat it. Momo Burger had their own version, but I don't think it's on their regular menu. Tanaka Saimin uses their saimin for the bun.

        1. It really is not difficult at all to make it yourself! Add all the trimmings you like!
          Lots of good info found here

          1. The Pearl Country Club restaurant sells a ramen burger, but it is pretty different, with a crispy fried cake of ramen for the bun, if you would like to try it. The ramen burger at Taste was smaller, with a noodle bun that held together well and that was soft in the middle, like cake noodles.