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Jan 15, 2014 09:06 PM

Buying Medium-hi quality Shabu-shabu meat in L.A?

I can get at Nijiya, but is there other place to get medium or hii-quality beef? What is this "cut" of meat called?

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  1. Wagyu ribeye @ Costco

    It's what Wagyu beef was meant for.

    1. It's not really a "cut" of meat, more like how it's sliced....

      For the best deals, Try Korean markets. In Koreatown, I'm partial to Assi. Galeria and Plaza market are also good. There are also a few stand alone butchers... but they tend to specialize in things like Angus beef and can be a bit pricier... There are also Korean Markets in Torrance and Walnut...


      1. Buy a slicer if you eat enough shabu shabu to make it worth it.

        1. Off of a random google JP search, the most popular cuts of beef for shabu-shabu are sirloin, chuck roll(kata rosu in japanese), rib eye and short rib. For pork it seems to come from the pork chop.

          If you go to Nijiya they should say what kind of cut the shabu shabu meat is.

          Both Mitsuwa and Marukai carry Snake River Farms shabu-shabu cuts. Mitsuwa did carry beef imported from Japan but they didn't have it last time I checked even though they had the signage. Mitsuwa also carries Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Prime, and Marukai carries Prime sourced from Harris Ranch.

          Alternatively you could go to any good butcher and buy their meat and slice it up thin yourself.

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            Actually this isn't so easy. To get cuts thin enough for this, it's best if the meat is frozen or partially frozen. The butcher might not be able to slice it thin enough with fresh meat.