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Jan 15, 2014 08:28 PM

Xcatic peppers

How do I find these in LA? I live in Studio City; fell in love with them in Mexico. Nothing like them with a delicate tomato base. Supermarkets only seem to carry jalapeƱo, Serrano, poblano, and habanero. Do they go by another name here?

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  1. Some information here that may help you find what you are looking for.

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    1. My mom's garden in the fall... Unfortunately, they are pretty hard to find outside of Yucatecan immigrant gardens. The closest thing that might work is Chile Guerros... although they don't even START to have the taste...


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        Yes, the Yucatan . . . Exactly where I enjoyed them. Such a unique and wonderfully layered taste.

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          Yep. I might be INCREDIBLY Biased... but the Yucatan doesn't just have some of the hottest chiles, but some of the tastiest too! The tomato sauce you speak of, is something very common in Merida, it's used to season a ton of things...

          If you have a good tolerance of heat, I recommend you add whole Habaneros to your mexican sauces. The heat won't be as hot as biting into one, but it will release a touch of its bite and ALL of its flavor. For Mexican Rice, I love to place in whole seranos...

          Chile Guerros are not NEARLY as tasty as Xcatic... but they are nice and meaty and grill very well (I love the ones they have at Tacos Baja Ensenada). You can also get them (Along with Habaneros) in the mixed grilled peppers at Guisados and Cooks Tortas. As for markets carrying them, check out larger Mexican Markets (Vallarta, Northgate, etc...). They often have a better selection of fresh chiles...