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Jan 15, 2014 07:11 PM

Dining out in Quito

We'll be in Quito in mid-February, just after our wedding anniversary. Rather than celebrating at home in Toronto, we think we'd like to go somewhere special when we're in Quito. I was thinking of Zazu - the menu looks great. What time do people go out for dinner in Quito? Is it like Buenos Aires where we might go at 10 PM or later? I certainly don't have a problem going later if it is. Thanks.

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  1. We liked Zazu very much. Our taxi driver had a hard time finding it. We saw sunset at Cafe Mosaico (don't eat here) and went to Alma Cocina for the best dinner of our life. We dined at the chef's table and had over 8 courses. Sublime. I'd go to Alma over Zazu if you can score the chef's table. We live in Bonaire/Dutch Caribbean so tell the chef Annie and Maggie said hi..we were there in 2010 so our info is a bit dated but I hear it's still spectacular.

      1. Any other recommendations?

        I will be there in April. Hoping to try something new.

        Cafe Mosaico has a pretty spectacular view of the city. I wouldn't consider it for an anniversary dinner, but I don't remember the food being that bad - it was fine (this was either in 2006 or 2009, can't remember when I last went).

        I went to Zazu in 2009 and really enjoyed it. Probably my favourite meal of all my trips to Ecuador.

        In 2012, we went to Segundo Muelle. I liked this, but not as much as Zazu. This may have been because of the company though, or maybe the atmosphere (it was really quiet the whole time we were there). Another restaurant we visited on that trip was Boca del Lobo. Again, not a place I would consider for an anniversary. The food was nothing spectacular but it tried to be a little creative and the atmosphere was fun.

        1. Just returned from Quito... posting this for any future searches!

          We went to Zazu and enjoyed it. I feel they do better with fish/seafood than with meat, though it could just be what we ordered.

          We also visited Alma Cocina, and will have to return on our next visit for the chef's table! Loved the sort of hidden location, made it feel very special. Passion fruit cocktails were to die for. The meat was just beautiful. Sides were tasty and the service was top-notch. We got into a lovely discussion with the regarding the food scene in Quito and beyond, and he provided us with two suggestions. As we were leaving soon after, we didn't have the opportunity to try them, but the menus look great, so here they are for anyone who's looking for ideas:

          Lua: apparently the original Zazu chef opened this place, Peruvian with Mediterranean influence

          Hanzo: Japanese with Peruvian influence.

          Also, make sure to have an helado de paila, basically fruit sorbets in delicious tropical fruit flavours. My 2 year-old asked for lemon and blackberry, but somehow ended up eating my fig and passion fruit cone... :)

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              Thanks Bunny, we are planning some time in Quito next month and this is welcome information!

            2. Did you go? We are headed there next week and I'd love to hear any suggestions.

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