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Jan 15, 2014 04:11 PM

El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce - Where to Buy?


I absolutely have to buy El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce tomorrow. I ordered it over a week ago from, they charged me but it never arrived (their phone number is now disconnected and they haven't answered my emails). I need to be able to psychically pick this up. Any suggestions?

I'm visiting a friend out of the country and this was his one request to bring. I don't want to disappoint!

Thank you!

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  1. Call gypsy kitchen in Quincy on Hancock st. They started as a hot sauce store.

    But I think I saw it at the stop and shop in South Bay -- can't be sure.

    It's not that uncommon. You should be able to find it around here.

      1. That stinks!

        My husband, the hot sauce fanatic, suggested the Shaw's across from Best Buy in Dedham on Rt. 1, but call first.

        Or - how about calling the Stop and Shop in JP?

        Let us know where you find it -

        1. Tropical Foods in Dudley will meet all of your hot sauce needs. It's my go to for yucateco and Valentino as well as walkers wood jerk lasts.

          1. I've bought both the red and green varieties at the Twin Cities Plaza Shaw's (off McGrath Highway in Somerville).