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Jan 15, 2014 03:43 PM

New in the West End - Greenhorn

The newest addition to the West End is a coffee shop/cafe called Greenhorn. It features an impressive array of hipster accoutrement including fresh cut flowers and vintage bicycles - who knew the West End was cool? - a limited but tasty looking menu of hot plates and pastries and some solid coffee. So far, I've only tried a latte and a snack but I will report more as I delve further.

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  1. Nice one, NMS. I don't know of any good coffee in the vicinity. And even better, they are serving baked goods from Cadeaux per http://cafeyvr.com/opening-soon/ Not familiar with the coffee they're serving, Moja, but it's locally roasted in NVan.

    1. With that name, I was imagining the location as the old Three Greenhorns, but no.
      Will wander over to the shop soon. :) Will be great to have some better coffee options in the neighbourhood.

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        i know - it made me think of same 3 G - what era was that in my life? ; )