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Jan 15, 2014 03:43 PM

New in the West End - Greenhorn

The newest addition to the West End is a coffee shop/cafe called Greenhorn. It features an impressive array of hipster accoutrement including fresh cut flowers and vintage bicycles - who knew the West End was cool? - a limited but tasty looking menu of hot plates and pastries and some solid coffee. So far, I've only tried a latte and a snack but I will report more as I delve further.

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  1. Nice one, NMS. I don't know of any good coffee in the vicinity. And even better, they are serving baked goods from Cadeaux per Not familiar with the coffee they're serving, Moja, but it's locally roasted in NVan.

    1. With that name, I was imagining the location as the old Three Greenhorns, but no.
      Will wander over to the shop soon. :) Will be great to have some better coffee options in the neighbourhood.

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        i know - it made me think of same 3 G - what era was that in my life? ; )