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Jan 15, 2014 03:37 PM

Bangkok street food and thai restaurants

Will be in Bangkok for 3 days beginning January 30 2014. Staying on Wireless road in the Lumpini district; looking for recommendations on street food places to try and good local thai restaurants. Emphasis on quality food , spicy is fine with us.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Hey there!

    Already responded to your post on Chiang Mai, but I also spent several weeks in Bangkok doing the same food research :)

    the BEST restaurant that we at at was krua apsorn: especially the crab curry (it was my favorite dish!) but all the things on the menu are delicious. There are 2 locations, we went to the one on Thanon Dinso (GPS: 13.755234,100.501603) other things we liked there were the fried chicken wings and the southern style crab curry (one is spicy and one is not, they are both delicious), the crab omelette is good as well, giant juicy pieces of crab

    Also, just down the street from Krua Apsorn (on thanon dinso)
    - mont bakery - they serve a traditional thai snack/dessert of toast with custard on top - and it's amazing. the chocolate and the original green coconut one are awesome

    For street-ish food:
    - we loved mango sticky rice at two locations in particular (though really, it's always pretty tasty): Ko Panit on Thanon Tanao (13.752058,100.498386) and Mae Waree off of Sukhumvit Soi 55 (really close to the four points, just a couple MRT stops away) also called Thong Lo or Thonglor open 5am - 11pm for mango sticky rice, right off of the BTS (13.724072,100.579317)
    - the dry beef sukiyaki noodles at Elvis Suki are also amazing (13.748945,100.514578) - they also have good fruit juice/smoothies. seriously one of my favorite dishes from bangkok
    - boat noodles are delicious at this place (13.768408,100.536114), there are actually places on both sides of the river and we liked them both
    - we loved all the sweets at old siam plaza on the ground floor (13.74658,100.500624), especially the khanom krok (little mini pancake things), the khanom buang (looks like tacos), and the che-like stall at the end (you can get one that's mixed with brown sweet noodle-dumplings and white sweet-salty coconut milk, but you can also get any combination)
    - the noodles at leng ki are excellent, but they run out so get there when they open! (13.73457,100.525718) i think they open at 11am to 2pm - the pad thai, pad see-ew, and "rad na" are what is famous. personally, i don't like rad na, i find it overly oyster-saucy but the pad see-ew is great.
    - nearby leng ki has khao moo daeng (roasted pork, soft boiled egg, rice with sweet sauce) at 13.734314,100.52713 is good. there are several places that serve it, look for a cart that has hanging roast pork pieces.

    For restaurant settings:
    - Taling Pling is one of our favorite all around restaurants and there several branches (including one in the mall at central world and at siam plaza), the nicest one is here: - the curries are very good there (green curry, panang curry, massaman curry - we especially like the appetizer that came with roti) as is the tom kha soup. there is the signature miang taling pling appetizer, which is like minced meat that you wrap in lettuce and herbs (like vietnamese food!) with the special taling fruit, we also like the mee grob or mee krob, which is sweet fried noodle
    - Methavalai Sorndaeng is another of our favorite all around restaurants (some of the best curries there, and the mee krob was one of our favorites, mango sticky rice very good
    )- if you want to try southern thai food, very spicy, than you can try Khua Kling Pak Sod and try the fried bailiang with egg (vegetable), the fried sa-tor with crispy pork, southern green curry, the yellow curry with fish is VERy spicy, khua kling appetizer is the famous one - location is a little bit off the main road (13.728963,100.579298)
    - For a splurge, we preferred Sra Bua over nahm and bo.lan. The lunch tasting menu is reasonable and their signature red curry foam or ice cream with lobster is actually very good.

    There are several good places to try in Chinatown
    - Nai Mong has an excellent hoy thod or oyster omelette (13.742218,100.510724) open 11am-9:30pm, but closed on sundays
    - Tang Ngee Huat (13.740802,100.509775 - across from the temple) has a good khao tom pet, a boiled rice soup with duck, open 10am-9pm
    - in the evening, we tried most of the vendors on yaowarot road (main street in chinatown) and really only one is worth eating, the koay jap oun stand (13.740683,100.509331) - it's handrolled noodles in a spicy pork broth (do you like pork intestine? if not, you can ask for it without intestine)

    Just one thing - try not to eat pad thai! There's so much better food to try :)

    Have a great trip!

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    1. Finding decent food is the easy part; my recommendation is that you find out how to say/write Wireless Rd. in Thai, since no taxi driver understands it. Though the US embassy is there, which they might be able to guess, you are likely staying north of it.

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        It's Thanon Witthayu (Thai: ถนนวิทยุ), literally translates as "The Road". Built in 1920, it cuts through Siam's first radio/wireless station, hence the English name, "Wireless Road".

        1. re: klyeoh

          Which figures. I have also never been able to make my Thai friends understand Wireless Rd. Neil's Tavern is an old favourite of mine there stretching back a few decades.

          1. re: klyeoh

            Cheers for that, klyeoh! "Thanon" means "road," no?

            Ya, Bangkok is old-hat for me, so I wanted to prep IPcook for the name game.

            1. re: BuildingMyBento

              thanks to everybody above - very helpful-we are off tonight to Bangkok with your suggestions/advice

        2. Heres a map of great street food there is also a krua apsom in the area been there and heydana is right its great . But I think they have 3 locations !

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            the krua apsom is on Thanon tsnow opposite 8 on the map next to the bus stop . Enjoy