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Jan 15, 2014 02:56 PM

Pyschology experiment..

Hello... back in my younger days I worked for a well known (not well liked) Manhattan restauranteur. He espoused the Jungian theory of the collective unconscious in relation to creating specials. Meaning what ever you wake up craving is based on what people want to order that day (as hated as he was, he was almost always correct). Now, I'd like to expand this theory. Last minute date tonight. "We shall stroll the South End until we find what we want" (her words, but I like the idea) Hound friends, I ask - Where should we and where will end up? This is for dinner at 8 pm tonight January 15th 2014. Thanks.

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  1. This maybe too late, but although I am not from Boston, I had a brother who moved to the SE when it was a war zone. He was gay, of course, and cleared over a million when he sold his rowhouse to move to the 'burbs.
    I used to love to stroll the SE, after it became gentrified and found several good, interesting places to eat. I am sure by now there are more.

    There was an oyster bar on Tremont that always appealed to me.

    Good luck and report back.

    BTW, my brother lived on Dwight.

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      "He was gay, of course,"

      Huh ? Stereotyping much?

    2. Myers and Chang?
      Anchovies would be fun and laid-back, as would JJ Foley's.

      What's the redux Delux like (new owner, or am I wrong)?

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            Well, black lab and the jungian unconscious(via the hostess was closest). The drinks at franklin struck us as a good start. When we entered and inquired about seats at the bar the hostess suggested that the weirdly large 2 top near the kitchen had just opened up, perhaps we would like that. And we did. Shared the grilled shrimp, arugula salad and the beautiful butter poached hake. After that we wandered around and ended up at the beehive for a nightcap. All in all a good night. Thanks all for collectively deciding for us. It was a fun game.

          2. I think that you end up at Toro, after waiting 2 hours for a table.