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Jan 15, 2014 02:40 PM

La Fonda Roberto's - Tijuana

Anyone know if it is still around? Located in the old Sierra Motel, used to be one of the top hangouts for the bullfighting crowd back in the day. Had my first huitlacoche there (among other memories).

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  1. Yes it's still kicking, but it's moved. My companion was there just a couple of weeks ago. An acquaintance of ours who was with her has known the owner for a long time, so they got some tasty comps and a nice sit-down chat.

    I'm having trouble recalling, but this may be where I first had huazontles, another uncommon dish (to me, anyway). I remember not knowing how to eat them, and started by trying to cut them up and eat them with a fork! Wrong!

    1. Here is a link to their website on elmesero,com (no English translation on the site is apparent),

      It looks fairly recently updated - maps to their location on the front page and the menu and services are are listed on the main page links.

      Just don't get a headache from all the of fancy flash videos they have up,

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      1. I have such great memories of going here back in the early eighties with my mother and stepfather. the Cuitlacoche crepes (I'm still trying to find a recipe to replicate it) were some of my favorites along with the pepper steak and cow brain soup. This was before they moved to the hotel and were just in a strip mall in a beautiful hole in the wall.