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Jan 15, 2014 02:16 PM

How do you Beni Shōga?

Yes, it's a common garnish for certain styles of ramen, udon, as well as things like Japanese curry, and of course Yoshinoya Beef Bowls!

But what else do you do with beni shōga?

Someone gifted me a jar of homemade beni shōga (using homemade umezu, no less!), so I don't want this to go to waste and would like to maximize this as much as possible.

Some loopy ideas off the top of my head:
- scrambled eggs or omelets
- bánh mì
- hot dogs
- tuna (or chicken) salad
- tossed with caramelized onions and eaten as-is
- apple pie à la beni shōga

Other thoughts?

Will you help me beni shōga?

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  1. I've generally just eaten this as a side with rice, but it is also used in Osaka-style okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and with ginger pork though in the latter it's just a condiment on the side with the potato salad.

    Would be good with mackerel or octopus too.

    1. It's a palate refresher. I can just eat it by itself. But I would think it would be good especially for rich dishes. I could see using it to garnish oily fish. Maybe to garnish potato salad, especially Japanese style?

      1. I'm sure the jar will keep a very long time....
        I use it for a tea in the winter with lemon and fresh mint leaves.
        Add to salads
        Add to melted dk chocolate and make chocolate bark
        With baked apples

        Most of the time i eat some at the end of a meal to help with digestion and freshen my breath- but i also really love it, so unless its a crazy spicey batch i also snack on it as is.....

        1. I eat it with almost any dish with rice and meat. Sometimes I eat it with sushi or sashimi because I find gari to be too sweet.

          Basically anytime you'd eat a pickle.

          1. I really like the hot dog idea. Throw some seaweed in there too.

            Hell, just pretend your hot dog is an okonomiyaki/takoyaki and throw all the fixins on. I bet that would be awesome.