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Mar 8, 2006 02:34 PM

Dallas Ice Cream

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I need some recomendations for great ice cream in the Dallas area.
Also, I am interested in the best ice cream available at grocery stores in the Dallas area. I think that Blue Bell is over-rated, so any other suggestions would be great.

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  1. Braum's is a small chain from Oklahoma that has decent ice cream. They also sell some grocery items and have a grill with hamburgers and other sandwiches. I had some Gelato at the American Airlines Center that was incredible. I can not remember the name but I think it started with a P and have seen it in other locations in Dallas.

    Bigray in Ok

    1. Two gelato places get pretty high marks. Talenti, which is in the Galeria Mall and Paciugo (multiple locations) are worth checking out. Central Market even has a Paciugo counter. Seems like last time this was discussed, Talenti was the favorite.

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      1. re: Donnie C

        Paciugo was the Gelato I had at the American Airlines Center. The wedding cake flavor was outstanding. I will be in Dallas next week and will try to get some.

        Bigray in Ok

        1. re: Donnie C

          My experiences with Talenti have been uneven since their relocation to the Galleria. They're not bad, but I'm not sure I'd prefer them over Paciugo anymore, if I were to do a side by side tasting. One annoying drawback of the relocation is that now they're in a smaller space, so they offer fewer (and therefore more accessible, less interesting) flavors.


        2. What about Wild About Harry's?

          1. o Henry's, 2909 W 15th St, Plano, 972-612-9949, supplies quite a few restaurants around town
            o Central Market has best supermarket variety incl. an xlent brand called stucchi's from michigan, pints only
            o Whole Foods has its new super-premium 365 line in pints as well as premium ice cream line Boulder (in pints)
            o walmart very bad but they do have big selection incl. wells' blue bunny which has A+ flavors and good value
            Blue Bell blows

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            1. re: teegee

              I prefer Blue Bell flavors to Blue Bunny. My personal preference only. Blue Bunny is a long way from Banana Split.

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                Hi, TeeGee. Nice to see you over here.

                I've never tried Henry's but I agree on CM and WF. And with the exception of Chocolate Almond Marshmallow and Tin Roof Sundae, Blue Bell leaves a LOT to be desired.


              2. My favorite ice cream in the Dallas area (without expanding the category to pick up gelato or frozen custard) is Old Town Creamery. It used to be located (as the name indicates) in the Old Town shopping center at Greenville and Lovers. They closed down and sold the operation to some new owners who reopened on Coit up in Plano. Unfortunately, they dropped my favorite flavor (chocolate hazelnut), but the quality and flavor selection are still very good. And, though they're not displayed, they make several Indian flavors of ice cream (that *are* ice cream, not kulfi).

                As someone else suggested, Henry's is pretty good.


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                1. re: Scott

                  Hmm....someone making fresh Indian flavors and not kulfi?? What flavors are available (if you can remember)? I recently got a saffron and pistacio flavored ice cream at a market off George Bush in Carrollton. It was excellent!

                  I found the website shortly after I posted


                  It looks like they have some awesome international flavors!!