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New Mediterranean Offering in SW Durham

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A place called Mediterranean Grill and Grocery has opened in Southwest Durham in the Parkwood neighboorhood off Revere Road. From what I've read, it is in the location of the old library across from the B'Hai faith center. I couldn't think of a more odd location, but hopefully the food is good.

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  1. I haven't tried it yet (hope to tomorrow), but I live in the neighborhood, and word on the listserve is that it is good.

    1. I haven't tried the food yet but the grocery store is well-stocked, prices are reasonable, and the staff was friendly and courteous even though I didn't buy anything.

      1. Food is really tasty and fresh. Actually the location makes a lot of sense if you know anything about Parkwood. Although this shopping center is run down, it is the epicenter of much of the neighborhood's community activity. Parkwood convenience has been there for a long time, along with Triangle Bridge Club, a mosque and softball field used quite frequently.
        If you don't live in Parkwood but like Mediterranean food, just come on down Revere Rd, off hwy 54. It is worth a stop, and beats the heck out of Baba Ghanouj (2 locations around the corner). If you do live in Parkwood and haven't tried it yet, go there for lunch TODAY!!