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Jan 15, 2014 01:26 PM

Where can I buy double cream in Manhattan?

Feeling the need for fat. Not clotted, just fattier. Creme fraiche d'Isigny clocks in at around 40%, I think. Higher than heavy cream at 36%, but not that much higher for the fancy mark-up.

Seen any?

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  1. Never bought it there, but try Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson St. Double cream is a very English thing....American heavy cream doesnt even come close, as you obviously know.

    1. The only double cream I've ever seen here is imported, pasteurized and sold in tiny bottles for high prices. The same company/importer has a similarly packaged clotted cream, too, fwiw. I know I've seen them at Zabar's. They're in the refrigerator case next to the cheese counter..

      1. Myers of Keswick should have it. I've also seen it at Whole Foods and the Dean & Deluca in SoHo.

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          +1 whole foods has this for sure.

        2. Heavy cream ranges from 36-40%.
          Ronnybrook's heavy cream is 40%. As are other heavy creams available at Whole Foods (they vary depending on which one you go to). Just check the fat per serving. 40% cream will have 6 grams of fat per serving.
          Also Costco sells 40% cream.

          1. Thanks to all.

            About fat content of creams (and other dairy products), see the terrific graphic in

            I checked a couple of England sites for more details and French-language ones for creme fraiche-- unfortunately the Wiki chart doesn't list it.

            Bottom line: the hell with it.
            Top line: I bought creme fraiche starter (which doubles as mascarpone starter, which is informative, I think) from a cheeses making shop online (New England something), popped it in at 82° and am in fat city. (The warmish initial temp makes a big difference.) The company says use half-and-half, but so what.