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Jan 15, 2014 01:24 PM

Lisbon restaurants

I am going to be in Lisbon for 2 nights in April. We will be staying at the Sofitel Lisboa Libertade. We will probably be tired the 1st night so we'd like a really good restaurant nearby. The 2nd night we are willing to travel a bit.
We like good food, but would prefer not to spend a fortune.

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  1. The Sofitel is next door to the Tivoli, so the current post might help:
    Also a search for Lisbon on this board will bring you a lot of infomation.

    1. This is our first night in Lisbon and we went to taberna du rua das Flores for dinner tonight based upon several recommendations we read on line. Including one that said they went there 3 times in one week.
      They were completely accurate and it is not a surprise that previous reviewers went back. A small place nestled in a side street off of plaza Luis camoes in Barrio Alto. Get there early, perhaps around 7 to avoid the lines. The place is intimate without being intimidating. The wait staff is delightful. The menu is in Portuguese and they explain everything in English making the reportedly ever changing menu both clear and enticing. There is a definite Asian influence to the dishes but the fusion is seamless with each dish being both visually and tastefully delightful. We had a mackerel tartare, razor clams, wild boar, fried goat cheese and a tuna dish that were each delicious with remarkable balance and layers of flavors. We tasted a exclusive 15 year old port that I would gladly purchase if it was available in the US and one of the owners gave us a taste of a special project wine that was sitting in a large glass jug near the bar which was fruity, fun and unique enough to provide ideal finish to a fabulous meal. I would certainly return to try everything else on the menu and recommend that it be high on anyones's list that is looking for an outstanding meal in Lisbon

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        Thanks for such a descriptive reply, but we've already made our reservations. We will be eating in Gambrinus and Largo the 2 nights we are there.

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          I understand you already have reservations, but I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know that quite nearby the Sofitel is:

          Chafariz do Vinho
          Chafariz da Mãe d'Água
          Rua da Mãe d'Água à Praça de Alegria
          1250-000 Lisboa

          It's a wine bar and restaurant with a great selection of wines from around the country. Worth popping in . . .

          1. re: zin1953

            Thanks for the recommendation. I hope we have a chance to try it. Do they serve lunch?

            1. re: nkatt2020

              Closed Mondays.

              Tues-Sun 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM