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Jan 15, 2014 12:56 PM

Developer says that Whole Foods will be anchor supermarket in Clark N.J.

Just read about a new development being built in Clark right around the corner from ShopRite. I'm happy for the town that the development is taking place but wish we could have gotten a Wegman;s instead.

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  1. I'm wondering where this will be. Possibly on Raritan Road & Walnut Ave, where the American Gypsum plant was located?

    I too would rather see a Wegmans, since I'm not a big fan of WF, but the Wegmans in Woodbridge is pretty close to Exit 135. However, I do WF's bulk food department, which has surprisingly reasonable prices for grains, rice and organic oats, both rolled and steel cut. A store closer to me than Vauxhall would be nice.

    Between a new WF and the always-busy Shop Rite, A&P on Raritan Road, which is always empty, could end up closing.

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    1. re: albinoni

      Thats exactly where its going to be. I hear the plan is to add some restaurants and shops and possibly condos similar to Cranford newer area

      1. re: albinoni

        You're right, the complex is being built on the American Gypsum site. ShopRite had been offered the anchor stor bu turned it down. They should keep this tied up in court for a while just as they did the Stop and Shop expansion in Westfield. I must admit, I've onlt been in this A&P twice since it was built and I've been to the store in Kennilworth which has been there longer and is also empty most of the time. Go figure.

      2. That area of Clark around Shoprite, Barnes & Noble, etc. is sometimes horribly congested, and this will make it worse. But I welcome a Whole Foods. I don't live or work near there, but I pass on the Parkway twice each weekday so it will be a convenient stop.

        Here's an article about the new shopping center and Shoprite's lawsuit:

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        1. re: drongo

          Shop Rite has done the same thing in Linden to prevent the development of a Super Wal-Mart across the street from them. So far it's been successful because several years later ground has still not been broken.

          I remember once bowling at the old Clark Lanes around 1990 and the police doing heavy patrol on the parking lot because they were having a problem with car thefts. Is that still an issue in the area?

          1. re: ebchower

            No....altho' car thefts and car-jacking are EVERYWHERE now.

        2. A & P will probably close,...always busy Shoprite will attempt legal proceedings but fail,......just like they did with A & P.........Whole Foods however, can't compete with Shopite prices which means WF will have to adjust their high prices after a while to compete,....any which way
          the customer wins.

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          1. re: LEOFONT

            Whole Foods' prices will be what they are. I highly doubt they are going to be price competing with ShopRite when they first open.

            There is a Whole Foods and Shop Rite near each other in Lawrenceville though technically the Whole Foods is in Princeton.
            The people who shop at Shop Rite aren't the ones who buy at Whole Foods.

            1. re: ieee488

              KING'S (high price) opened up a new store recently in Long Valley, a few blocks from a Shop-Rite,....prices on MANY items were noticeably REDUCED to draw Shop rite customers

              1. re: LEOFONT

                I think you are talking about the store Kings opened in the Long Hill area, actually in Gillette to be precise. And it is not new to the area, it was to replace the older, smaller store which was located in Berkeley Hts.

                There is no Kings in Long Valley the closest one to Long Valley is in Mendham.

                1. re: PuniceaRana

                  The Garwood Kings location has been there since the early 70's. Through every economy they've managed to keep going. I grew up in Union county and I've seen a good deal of change over 40 years. We moved to Monmouth county thinking taxes were lower..and guess what they are the same as Union county now. Residents, taxpayers they want MORE for their heavy NJ tax dollar and stores like WF, Wegman's, King's are giving us the cache we demand. Stores that look less (even they are lowering prices) polished won't' attract the mid to high end buyer anymore. Bring on the mega food malls seems to be the preference.

                  Ever been to TJ's in Westfield on the weekends? Lordy...

                  1. re: HillJ

                    Hill, I think you may have mis-read my post. I was not talking about the King's Garwood store, which as you mention has been there for quite a while. Rather I was talking about the fairly new store in Gillette which opened last spring.

                    1. re: PuniceaRana

                      I realize that. I've only shopped at the Garwood and Summit locations to date. But I would anticipate an upgrade for the new location (which is what I was thinking in my head and not doing a great job of writing down). King's 40 years ago and King's today is a different organization with diff competition.

            2. So excited to have a Wholefoods that will be closer to my home. Closest one was Vauxhall! They don't have to worry about their prices being compared to Shoprite, it's a whole different market! Yes their prices are pretty high but you get what you pay for. They are also known for their nick name, WholePayCheck!!! lol
              Looking forward to shopping at Wholefoods :)))

              1. Oh, my goodness! This takes me back four decades! We lived in Clark, in an apartment complex on Goodmans Crossing, 1970-72. Have never been back. I shopped at Pathmark (actually bought some Pathmark stock as a result and made a little money on it).

                I gather the Pathmark is gone? Is there even still a shopping center there?

                I'm actually amazed at the idea of Clark with a Whole Foods. It must have changed a lot since we were there. It was not "that kind" of neighborhood in those days!

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                1. re: Red Oakley

                  I'm sure the good folks of WF have done their homework. Your comment reminds me of the banter that went on in Garwood over the arrival of Kings Foods. Have you been to Garwood lately? Westfield East.

                  Cranford sure has upped its restaurant and shopping areas as well in the course of say 20 years....

                  1. re: HillJ

                    Bobby Flay said that if Whole Foods is in the area he knows it's a good place to open a Burger Palace because they do the research.

                    1. re: ebchower

                      I recently read a NYTimes article about Bobby Flay and his partner and the type of research they both do in selecting locations, determining menus.

                  2. re: Red Oakley

                    Only two in Clark are the Shop-rite and A& the way, just curious....what "KIND" of neighborhood was it in those days ??