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Jan 15, 2014 12:22 PM

New Orleans Food Itinerary: Need Advice

I’m heading down to New Orleans soon for work and then staying a few extra days for fun. I’d appreciate any advice you might have on my picks and helping me finalize some breakfast & lunch options. I know the city well and will have a car so there are no constraints on locations. I’m adventurous and would generally prefer to have meals I wouldn't be able to find outside New Orleans.

Thursday: Lunch at Cochon Butcher, Dinner on the North Shore with friends (their choice)
Friday: Breakfast at the Old Coffee Pot or The Peppermill in Metairie, Lunch at either Joey K’s or St. James Cheese Co., mid-afternoon gelato at La Divina Gelateria, Dinner at Herbsaint, After-dinner drinks at the Napoleon House
Saturday: Breakfast at Café Beignet, Lunch at the Parkway Bakery, La Boulangerie or Dong Phuong, Dinner at Brigsten’s (is the Shell Beach Diet as amazing as it sounds?)
Sunday: Brunch at Galatoire’s? Then pick up muffulettas at Johnny’s to take home with me.

Galatoire’s is the only place on the list that I’ve been to before and I know Sunday brunch might not be the most popular time to go but I fell in love with their Eggs Benedict 16 years ago on my first trip. I’m willing to go a different day if you think Sunday is a mistake or to try a new place if you think I’d be missing something special. The soft-shell benedict at Katie’s on Iberville sounds intriguing. I’m trying not to spend too much money while I’m there, but figured Herbsaint & Galatoire’s were worth the splurge.

One more thing, I wanted to thank everyone that recommended restaurants for our company’s big dinner next week. I gave them a list of five recommendations and they choose Palace Café, which wouldn’t have been my first choice. A little nervous that it won’t be up to par. It doesn’t need to be fantastic, just decent food and service. Any reassurances would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Galtorie's Galtorie's Gairlores.

    1. I think Palace Café is a great choice.

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      1. re: Plano Rose

        i had a horrible experience there about 2 weeks ago. just awful on all counts.

      2. I found breakfast at the Old Coffee Pot to be underwhelming and overrated.

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        1. re: TeacherFoodie

          Thanks TeacherFoodie, what would you recommend instead?

          1. re: ktc1575

            We really enjoyed Stanley for breakfast however some chowhounders are not fans. Surrey's, Elizabeth's and Brennan's are all places we considered but did not get to.

            1. re: TeacherFoodie

              i personally love Stanley.

              other excellent choices foor bfast/brunch are Appoline (weekend only), Katie's, Le Petit Grocery, Crepe Nanou, Atchafalaya, Sugar Park (weekends),

              but if i had to recommend a spot it'd be Tartine. Eggs in brioche is amazing.

          2. I think you have a nice wide list. While everything there may not be A-list I think evey place listed will give you a good meal.

            But I have to say that I'd rather have breakfast at The Peppermill than dinner at Palace Cafe. (an opinion offered with a smile!)

            1. Well, Galatoire's does not do a brunch per se and in fact on Sunday it opens 1/2 hour later, at noon. But the menu rolls on and on. Eggs Sardou---or better yet, crabmeat sarsou---would be my light lunch suggestion. "Light" is relative, y'know.

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              1. re: hazelhurst

                How about some crabmeat mason, shrimp remoulade, pommes soufflés with some light bernaise sauce on the side to round out the meal followed with a few mugs of cafe brulot ????

                And of course a few Sazeracs to wash everything down ???????