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Jan 15, 2014 12:01 PM

Bridal Shower...

So, my cousin is trying to plan her daughter's bridal shower. They are having the wedding at the Marriott downtown and since that was chosen as a fairly central location for all involved, they are looking there for a shower spot too. I gave her a long list . . . but I feel like I am missing something, so help me out fellow hounds!

Here's where I told her to start looking:

John J. Jeffries
Commonwealth on Queen
The Belvedere
Lancaster Brewing
Iron Hill
Tellus 360
El Serrano - though the location is not ideal

Since they are willing to look north and east in the county (groom's family is all in Chester Co., Bride's in Lancaster and Lebanon Co.)
Lily's on Main in Ephrata
Inn at Leola Village
They looked at General Sutter - the maid of honor lives in Lititz, it was the first place they thought of.

An issue, I think, is that they have a fairly large guest list for a bridal shower - 70.

I feel like there's someplace I'm not thinking of.... They want to be able to serve alcoholic beverages. And I THINK they'd prefer to be able to do a brunch of some sort, but I don't know details. They just asked for suggestions of restaurants with rooms available.

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  1. The only other one that pops into my head is Carr's downtown, but I'm not sure if they can be rented out. Pretty decent brunch + bar...
    Everything else I can think of is already on your list :)

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      I looked at Carr's website, and couldn't find any information on a separate room available. Granted, I couldn't at a couple of the other places either, but had heard through the grapevine that they do actually have a space for private groups -- how big, I don't know.

      There's probably someplace at the Cork and Cap/Cork Hotel, but I know that they looked there for wedding reception venues and were really disappointed and the price was outrageous. So, I didn't bother with that.


    2. The only other one I can think of is Pour. But, I'm not sure if they could do a party that big or not. Maybe Gibraltar as well.