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Jan 15, 2014 11:51 AM

Sushi Mon AYCE or......?

My son took me there last night. We were there about 8 and the place was jammed. He'd been there before and knew what to order. Everything was good but I haven't been to any other sushi bar for comparison. Does anyone know of a better place?

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  1. For AYCE, I prefer their related restaurant , goyemon, on Decatur. It is also generally a good wait. For more interesting (and pricey) we like Yonaka and Sen of Japan. Both take reservations. And for a really great experience Kabuto in Chinatown is amazing. I have not found any sushi on the strip that has really merited the premium price but haven't been to mizumi or kumi yet

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      I went to the one on Sahara. I recall reading that goyeman was related to the one in Henderson, not this one but I will certainly try it. Thanks for the rec.

    2. ...Kabuto is on par with the best in the country, and at the price it is a veritable steal compared to the spots on the strip (and in New York, Los Angeles, etc.) No "AYCE" sushi space is turning out high quality fish, it isn't sustainable to do so.