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Jan 15, 2014 11:34 AM

Italian Suitable for a three generational group of 20

For one of our family's milestone birthday celebrations, we're looking for a high quality convivial place that would be appropriate for a group of 20 with six kids who range in age from infant (1) to 11 years. We're planning an early dinner on a Sunday, so we wouldn't be impacting on the formal dinner crowd, but recognize that not every high quality restaurant would be appropriate. We've thought Mailano might work, but were hoping fellow Chowhounders might give us some good ideas. I'm posting on the Manhattan board but we don't have to be in Manhattan.

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  1. "We've thought Mailano might work, but were hoping fellow Chowhounders might give us some good ideas."

    Trust your instincts. Maialino was exactly what I was going to suggest by just reading your post topic. Why are you considering something else?

    1. Because we're not sure where we'll get in with such a large group and because we want to make sure there's not a better idea out there. Thanks for the input.

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        You will need a private dining room at Maialino so call them asap.

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          You could spend forever trying to find "a better idea." My point is that you have a good, solid choice and you should act on it. We tend to always think there is "something better" and get caught up trying to find it and then we're left with either too many choices or just plain confused. Of course you should have a couple of backup restaurants in mind; that makes sense. Someone else mentioned the backroom at Lupa, which is a great idea.
          Wherever you wind up going... Buon appetito!

        2. The back room of Lupa could work. You could take that entire line of tables,

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