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Jan 15, 2014 11:32 AM

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Has anyone been more recently?

Not much on this Board:

The Yelp perspective:

One of the Yelp posts mentions the Chef is not accomodating re: dietary restrictions. I only eat poultry and fish. I guess I could feed everything else to SO . . .

I like that diners are not permitted to take photos of their food.

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  1. It's been about a year and a half since my last visit, but all of my visits have been memorable.

    He accommodated my dietary restriction (no meat), omitting meat from any dishes that normally contain meat and substituting an extra fish course for the foie gras on one particular visit. Inform the reservationist of your restrictions and remind them a day before your visit.

    I would suggest you search Google Blogs for a fairly large number of recent accounts of visits to BF. Most bloggers are very enthused about their experiences.

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    1. without a doubt, my favorite place, and i've been a number of times and recently. since you've read some things, i'll try only to cover what you might not come across:

      1. outdated impressions: people often describe this place as solemn/stuffy, but i've found over the last year (particularly aided by the installation of speakers that play classic rock etc.) the room is actually quite lively.

      2. the menu has shifted a bit from its origin: there are less courses now (15 as opposed to like 25) that focus more on larger bite size courses ie 2 to 3 bites and more 'large' plates (4-7 bites). this has deemphasized the number of raw fish bites.

      3. on dietary accomodations: i've never seen more than 1 course be not poultry or fish (lately, the last course has always been beef, but that's it), i've only seen pork once (as part of a sauce, not as an item), and they certainly omit ingredients on a regular basis.

      4. menu change is frequent here. one of the reasons we've gone back so much is i've never had a meal where ~75% of the menu hadn't changed in some way.

      hope that helps! happy to answer other qs.

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