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Jan 15, 2014 10:53 AM

Need sushi takeout tonight in Lexington (close to Wilson Farm)

We're new to the Lexington area and haven't had much sushi. We're looking for a Chowhound-worthy place that has takeout (delivery would be even better) in the East Lexington area.

It looks like Daikanyama , Ruyi or Toraya are my options. Any I am missing? Any to recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Toraya is outstanding but there is often an hour or more wait unless you call soon after they open at 5. If the timing works for you that is your best option IMO. Friends swear by Dabin in Lex Center. Do not know the other two.

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    1. re: GretchenS

      Ooh good to know about Toraya. Will look at Dabin as well. Thanks!

      1. re: Chris VR

        Let us know how you make out. And welcome to the area!

    2. I'll second Daikanyama for takeout. Also, I highly recommend an early weekday lunch (11:30 or so) at Toraya sometime. That cancels out the crowd / wait issues.

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        I have never gotten takeout from Daikanyama, but when I am sitting there enjoying my sushi I see that many people do. I think it is very good.

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          Thanks all! We went with Daikanyama, it was very good, especially loved the ume shiso suzuki. It's pricey though... 12 pieces of maki and 14 pieces of nigiri came out to just over $60.

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              Agreed - it was good the couple of times we have been there to dine in, it's more comfortable than Toraya and usually without a wait, but the value is not there with the higher prices and not quite as good in terms of knife work, rice, and overall flavors - I prefer to roll the dice and head to Toraya or order takeout very early (5:30p) or very late (after 9p) from there.

          1. The fun of Toraya is really sitting in there and watching the guy work.

            I think there is also a japanese restaurant or two in Belmont Center that you wouldn't have to drive far to access.. Asai in the Center and Gen Sushi on Concord Ave.

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              The Japanese fare at Asai is horrendous. Gen was just ok (albeit, N = 1 and that was a big party platter on NYE). Asai was also N = 1 but co-workers have confirmed my experience. B and I definitely want to try Gen again.