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Jan 15, 2014 10:08 AM

Knife sharpening

I Googled this topic and found replies going back to 2004 with the most recent being 2010. Does any know where in New Orleans to get good chef knives sharpened without having to go to Harahan or Algiers? This is silly - it's New Orleans, the best food town in the world and I can't find a place in the city to have my Henckles professionally sharpened? Help!

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  1. A vendor (can't recall the name) at Saturdays CCFM will sharpen......corner of Girod & Magazine. Or you can go to RestoDepot and buy a steel.

    1. There is a vendor who makes rounds at various restaurants on pay days (when the line cooks have money) If you have a connection with one of these places you can get your knives in to them on that day.

      I understand he is good or line cooks wouldn't keep paying him.

      1. There’s a company out of Loxley, AL called Emerald Coast Cutlery that come to our restaurant every other week. Try them.

        1. Mail orde ris your best bet. Its a niche market. Would be nearly impossible without economy of scale. Try D & R sharpening solutions, They only handle cutlery, no hunting knives etc.

          1. I use Chef Choice diamond hone sharpener to sharpen my Calphalon knives, works well and does not consume to much time.