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Jan 15, 2014 09:56 AM

Roscher Bone China and Denby Dinnerware lead-free?

Hello Chowhounders!
I am relatively new this Chowhound and love reading all your posts. Quite informative.
I am in the process of changing my dinnerware to something more durable and lead-free.
I have purchased some Apilco bowls and plates. I came across some Roscher bone china and Denby white mugs at Marshalls and wonder if these are lead-free. I searched all over the net and couldn't find any informations regarding this. Is Roscher out of business? I couldn't even find their website.
Any informations would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you all!


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    Silver Superstore carries Denby. They post a phone number you can call for information. If anyone knows about this it will be them. Here is their phone number as posted on the above site:


    I personally don't think hard fired china is going to to leach lead, but certainly artisan made pottery MIGHT contain lead. I wouldn't use any artisan made pottery for food unless I was sure of the glazes used in decorating it.

    But the folks at Silver Superstore would be able to give you information about Denby.

    By the way, Denby stuff is good quality and usually expensive.

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      Hello Sueatmo,
      Thank you for replying to my inquiry. I have called Denby and they told me they don't intentionnally put lead im the fabrication of their products. However, they can't state it is I end up not buying the Denby mugs. As for the Roscher, I couldn't find any information regarding their company so I eliminate them from the start.
      After lots of research, I end up buying the William Sonoma Open Kitchen mugs. They are made of porcelain and WS wrote me back saying all their products are tested for harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium. So far, I am quite please with them and the price is good too (6$/mug). I would love to buy the Apilco but couldn't bring myself to make the purchase due to the price difference. Hope I can get few years out of these mugs before they start chipping...

      1. re: Duyen50

        It sounds as if you found something you like and can use.

        1. re: Duyen50

          I haven't bought the WS "Open Kitchen" porcelain, but have a lot of Apilco and it is very robust. I would think that you will get many years of service out of these pieces.

          1. re: mikie

            Hi Mikie,

            So far I am quite pleased will all my Apilco and WS open kitchen pieces. The Apilco have a better finish. The open kitchen pieces have some imperfections like little chip here and there. Therefore I have to verify every single piece before making the purchase.

            1. re: mikie

              Also I bought some Corelle pieces. They seem Ok but little too thin to my liking. I prefer the bistro style dinnerware.

        2. we purchased coffee mugs from Roscher & love them but 2 of them have cracked down the whole side from pouring coffee in them. Very dissapointed in that as we really like the pattern & the style of the mugs. Please help as we paid alot for them.

          Thanks Marge Schmidt