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What to order at Mooo tomorrow?

I'm going to Mooo tomorrow night with my work. I looked at the menu, and am not sure what to order.

The ribeyes are HUGE. The only steaks that are a reasonable size are the filets and sirloins (and the sirloins are actually still too big for one person, just not AS big). Not sure what my dining companions will want to order, and if anyone will be interested in splitting a ribeye with me (and if they would also want it rare or med-rare). If not, what is going to be my best option for a single portion?

Entrees here: http://mooorestaurant.com/dinnercateg...

Thanks so much!

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  1. I always enjoy the Steak Tartare, in terms of steaks on the smaller side I thought the Painted Hills Farm sirloin was pretty good. The Mooo steak sauce on the side is good as well.

    1. Sirloin strips are very flavorful. 12 oz. or 14 oz w/au poivre. They make a nice martini too.

      1. I was just going to say don't order the steak tartare... Not my fave. But YMMV, right?

        Order what you want. Eat as much of it as you want and take home leftovers

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          "take home leftovers". Brilliant!!! (Notice where tongue is.)

          1. I went there a couple of weeks ago and had the Beef Wellington. They do a pretty good version of it.

            1. I ended up ordering the Painted Hills New York Sirloin, and I am sad to say that it was disappointing.

              I ordered my steak rare, and it came out almost medium. Under ordinary conditions, I would have sent it back, but I was in a group being treated by a very important client, so I didn't think it was appropriate in that situation. Total bummer!

              1. Wow, those are some pricey steaks. Get the wagyu :)

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                  This was the place that convinced me im just not a steakhouse guy.

                  The food was perfectly serviceable but, quite honestly , could have been cooked by a well trained staff of high school students.

                  There was a family beside us whose two teenage boys did not look up from their phones the entire time we were in the place, and left most of their meal on their plates.

                  with VERY modest drink needs and two who did not drink at all, the final bill was in excess of 100usd per person.

                  The waiter was a solid bit of a dick , and as we were leaving there was a gentleman eating by himself, in what I believe in common parlance is called a "wife beater"t-shirt , who seemed to be giving the staff a hard time.

                  Maybe he was somebody, I only know that he was an ass.

                  A couple of days later I was in Taqueria el Amigo about 4 in the afternoon by myself, one other customer in the place., The music had been turned up and the staff was in hysterics about something, laughing and cooking and having, by all appearances, a blast.

                  I was laughing out loud when the waitress came over and rolled her eyes, I ordered a burrito to go, and finished my meal.
                  When I went up to pay i realized they had not charged me for the burrito, i pointed it out and the waitress looked at me, and gave me that universal wave-off sign that says "forget it".

                  I dropped a twenty in the tip jar and bailed.

                  I would go there twenty times before I would go back to a pretentious, overpriced, fair to mediocre restaurant where everyone seems pissed that you are fucking up their night and you are spending your grocery bill for the next week.

                2. The roasted bone marrow looks interesting.