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Jan 15, 2014 08:53 AM

Need suggestions in Pembroke Pines

Going to be staying in Pembroke Pines on a winter holiday for a few weeks. Looking for some good non-chain restaurants.

On the web I found Cook In Paris and Giovanni's. Any comments on these and any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Chain city...

    Pho 78
    Mojo Donuts
    I'e heard good things about the dim sum at China Pavilion but have not personally tried it

    1. Wow, no responses-- Help, please for info in Pembroke Pines!

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        After reading this chain last night we went to Mezes on pine. Thanks it was awesome. Great greek food I felt like we were eating in our old friends kitchen.

        1. re: MaryJ

          +1 on Mezes, great food.

          Scruby's on University North of Pines for barbecue.

      2. Try checking out Weston-right next door to Pembroke Pines...Not my neck of the woods, but probably some decent restaurants.

        1. La Brochette on Hiatus Rd.
          Capriccio on Sheridan & University
          Mezes on Pines Blvd

          1. There are a lot of chains here, but I wouldn't call it chain city.

            I Love Tacos on 178th and Pines is good, though the food can sometimes be clunky (Tacos are sometimes overstuffed and can be cumbersome). Mezes is very good greek food. Mazza is a lebanese/greek place just west of Dykes on Pines that is very good, but service can be slow. There's no outstanding sushi around, but Silver Spoon on Miramar and Dykes will probably be your fix, if that's what you're looking for. Primos on Miramar and 172nd is the best pizza in town with maybe the exception of Pizza Heaven in Weston. For something a little different, 7 Pecados in Pembroke Gardens is a South American/Italian style place that's decent. Giovanni's is not bad, but I would recommend all these other places before them.

            Don't expect to be blown away by the cuisine in Pines, but there is a lot of good food if you're in town, despite the naysayers.

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              Oh, and I second the recs of grdns. Capriccio can be inconsistent, but the upside is high.