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Jan 15, 2014 08:33 AM

Casual Lunch in Henderson?

I'm planning on being in Henderson around noon on a weekday. Are there any "casual" (as opposed to something more "foodie" like, say, Todd's) places that anybody can recommend?

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  1. Montesano's has been on my "to do" list forever, but I've not been. Crepe expectations is very good for something light. There is, of course, Settebello and Novecento if you just want pizza - really good pizza. For pastry, Friendly's Donut House or Chef Flemming's are both highly recommended.

    Many really like Rise & Shine, but I was underwhelmed.

    1. If you are looking for one of those little unsung gems, Las Cazuelas (9711 South Eastern) fits the bill. Not an extensive menu, but a lot of thought and heart goes into the dishes, and there may not be anyone making a better mole in the Las Vegas valley these days.

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        Oh. Thanks. Adding it to my ever-growing list. :-)

      2. BJ's on Eastern...a slightly more advanced Cheesecake Factory...solid apps and salads also

        1. Layer's Bakery and Café, check their menu and see if there are choices that wet your palate. Best meatloaf sandwich ANYWHERE but split one so that you have room for an Almond Toffee Bar or some Peach Streusel Cake.

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            I cannot, at all, recommend that place. I wrote about it here on Chowhound but personally found the food underwhelming and overpriced while service could not have been less accommodating. One sliced cake per day? Get real. I can go to Jerry's Famous Coffee Shop and get one of FIFTY 24/7.


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              A small or even medium-sized bakery café should not be expected to cut up 15 different cakes every day at the whim of the customers. They are trying to sell whole would not make sense to have 10 or 15 cakes in the display case....each with one hunk taken out of them.

              1. re: jackattack

                I'm not sure I suggested "all" of them, but one? Ridiculous. Just like their prices. "Organic" or not. There are MUCH smaller bakeries cutting a few cakes.

                1. re: uhockey

                  Obviously they've decided that their business plan is to cater to people who want "whole" cakes. It's their choice, seems an odd thing to complain about. Imagine people coming in looking for a whole cake and gasping because 5 cakes each have a slice taken out of them? And if you know many SMALL bakeries that slice up a few cakes every day....maybe they're selling stale slices of cake on days three and four and five....because a small bakery does not sell 30 slices of cake a day. Not with 40 other pastry choices in the display case.

                  Again, seems nitpicky to's like going to Starbucks and complaining that they don't sell you a half cup of creamer's just not something that they choose to do. It may be annoying to you, but no way is it "ridiculous". And if you've ever had one of their $3 toffee bars or $3.95 slices of Best Buttermilk Fudge wouldn't think their prices are ridiculous...they are right in line with Drago Sisters and all the Cupcakeries in town.

                  1. re: jackattack

                    ...except Drago Sisters and the Cupcakeries sell small, affordable portions of their 'cakes.;

          2. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is casual and serves up delicious Greek specialties.