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Jan 15, 2014 08:01 AM

wheel chair friendly places in Queens that would be doing dim sum on MLK day?

We want to meet up on Monday for lunch with friends in Queens, one of whom is in a wheelchair. The preference would be for dim sum. Are there places that do dim sum on weekdays and that would be wheelchair accessible?

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  1. Grand Restaurant in the New World Mall.

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    1. re: scoopG

      What is the ambiance there? This is a catching up with friends so we do want it to be more than just food court. I've not been there (but heard great things about the Mall) but is this specific place a sit down restaurant?

      1. re: adorno

        Have you ever been to the New World Mall? The food court is in the basement. Grand Restaurant is on the second floor. More importantly, there is a parking garage with elevators for convenient access for the disabled. The Grand is cavernous and will be loud when packed but if you get there early you should be alright.

        1. re: adorno

          There is no ambiance--but I suggest you give it a try. Despite having to get a few flights up, and it's on the 3rd floor. Just do it: it's worth it. Please don't forget to call to reserve in advance: it's a madhouse up there on a weekend.

          Whoever has to use the wheelchair, just let them decide if they want to do it. If you think of it, it's even easier if a guy comes with his own chair. That being said, I am pretty sure the staff will do the best they can.

          Good luck! Enjoy!

          1. re: diprey11

            Why wouldn't they bring their own wheelchair? I have never heard of a restaurant that supplies one.

            1. re: Sluggo1407

              That's not what I meant. I said the guy would use his own chair.

              Indeed he will be sitting in a wheelchair and he probably wouldn't need a regular chair. :-)

              People in a wheelchair sometimes think they are a hassle. Definitely not so.

      2. Good Fortune (formerly East Manor) on Kissena Blvd is a big banquet/dim sum place with a street level entry and dining room and a big banquet hall format. We were in there briefly on Christmas eve in the morning - from the four dishes we had, dim sum seemed acceptable,wide aisles, plenty of space between tables , cheerful atmosphere. seems like it would be very suitable for your event. Cant answer to how the quality compares to the other Flushing venue.

        Also cant speak to any bathroom accessiblity issues there might be - we were there so briefly

        1. new imperial palace seafood in flushing has great dim sum and has a ramp for wheelchair access. the ramp is on the parking lot side. the front door, however, is not handicap accessible. you might have to ask the staff to open the ramp door, as it is often locked and sometimes blocked by diners. but we've used it many times and the staff is quite helpful once they realize that you need their assistance.