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Jan 15, 2014 07:50 AM

What to Order at Bazaar?

We are trying Bazaar for the first time tomorrow night and were hoping for some recommendations on the best dishes to try. We aren't fans of Spanish ham (although we have no problem with pork). That is the only restriction we have. Also, any advice on where to sit?

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  1. In my two visits I sat in the White room under the giant shell fixture, it was calm and enjoyable. Some of the dishes I enjoyed were:
    Colada Cubana, Gazpacho with lobster, Japanese Taco, Conch Fritters, Butifarra Flauta, Pa Amb Tomaquet (with manchego) Black Rossejat, Smoked Oysters, the shrimp and scallop dish and a very lemony greens dish. There is just so much to try, and I enjoyed every dish. Check out the "guide" to the menu on Frodnesor's blog. I actually saw another customer holding a print out of it as I checked with it on my phone.

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      That is so great to hear. Glad you enjoyed.

      The greens dish must have been the brussel sprouts, which come with a very assertive lemon puree.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions. We had an excellent dinner at Bazaar last night! I'm really glad I studied the responses and Frod's cheat sheet because, to my horror, I forgot my reading glasses last night. That is not a menu to navigate blindly (pun intended).

        Based on my recollection of Frod's cheat sheet and some excellent recommendations from our server (most of which were also recommended by Frod) we did VERY well. Every plate we had was excellent. The ones that were even better than excellent were: the pork belly sliders (Bao con lechón) the Japanese peaches, the shrimp baskets with peanuts (Kueh Pai Ti) and the smoked oysters.

        We also loved the frozen Caipirinha. It was a great way to start and very reasonably priced at $7.00 considering all of the work that went into making it (not to mention the expensive and unstable chemical elements!).

        The service was perfect. Our server (a young woman from Ecuador whose name escapes me) was fantastic. The acting sommelier (the regular sommelier was off so another server assisted) was excellent as well. Without my reading glasses I couldn't see anything. I gave him some general guidance, a price point and my trust and he brought us a fabulous Spanish bottle for less than my stated price point. Refreshing compared to my typical experience where the server/sommelier seems to ignore my price guidance and recommends costlier bottles.

        We loved the "white room" as well

        Thanks again. We have a new favorite restaurant on the Beach!