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Jan 15, 2014 06:07 AM

Digital Meat Thermometer

Which is the most effective? don't want one with a cord.

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    1. re: petek

      I have a Thermapen and it is great, but I just got an ad from Thermoworks the other day with this model, the Thermopop:

      It's smaller and a lot less expensive. Anybody try it?

      1. I've gone through a few Taylors, also had trouble calibrating them, but I'm not willing to pay for a thermopen.

        Not cheap...frugal. ;)

        This CDN one is FAST and accurate and NSF certified.

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        1. re: sal_acid

          I agree that the Thermopen is expensive, but since I cook for a living I need the best I can get(plus I was lucky that I picked one up for $70.00 CAN all in). For a home cook it might be considered overkill but you get what you pay for....

          They(Thermopen) do occasionally have specials and open box sales.

          1. re: sal_acid

            <This CDN one is FAST>
            6-8 second read
            Thermopen 3 second read.

            that's like me racing Usain Bolt in the 100 meters.... :D

            1. re: petek

              More like a 3-4 second read on the CDN, which is way faster than the Taylor. Not saying CDN = Thermopen.

              1. re: sal_acid

                Funny...I never thought to worry about the length of time to read. I just happily stood there watching my Taylor. You guys have ruined me!! :-)

            2. re: sal_acid

              A frugal person will buy nice so they don't have to buy thrice.

              3 crap thermometers < 1 Thermopen. I'd pay double if I had to.

            3. Our thermapen has worked flawlessly for years, highly recommend it.

              1. I've had innumerable Taylors and CDNs die on me at critical moments over the years because I wasn't willing to shell out for a Thermapen. Big mistake. They have sales fairly frequently, especially if you're not fussy about the color. I guess I've had mine for about four or five years now and it still functions perfectly. Have even give them as gifts to friends at whose homes I cook since I don't want to chance screwing up an expensive piece of meat at their house, either.

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                1. re: JoanN

                  Like I get what you pay for. :)

                  1. re: petek

                    That you do, and they've got an excellent repair thing going. When ours died (moisture, predates splash proof model) after about 6 years, we sent it to Thermoworks. They verified their estimated price to fix (about $29, IIRC) and did the repair.

                    That was 2 years ago and it's still going strong. If it dies again, I'd consider a Thermapop, but I'd miss the instant response, which is a big honking deal when my oven is spewing heat all over my kitchen.