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Jan 14, 2014 09:44 PM

Quick dinners to go downtown after 7pm?

I am looking for "cheap" takeout dinner options after 7pm in the downtown core (south of Queen, between University and Yonge, north of Front).

I used to live Bay and Bloor and there are some great quick takeout options such as Scaccia in Manulife, Hue's on Yonge, plus hot counters in a few supermarkets - Longos, Manulife etc. even Rabba used to do in a pinch.

In the "core" there are tons of options for lunch in the Path but after 6pm they are all closed and I am left with burgers and pizza slices. Or waiting in "real" restaurants for them to make a takeout order... I want to walk in, pick something from a display case or hot table and go...

Any hidden gems I am not finding?

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  1. Marche would be a quick option with display cases, although I find the food mediocre and overpriced. Not sure if the Bay's lower level options are open past 6 some nights. If they are, I've liked their hot table food better than Marche's hot table food. There's also a take-out/quick order side to Bannock,but it usually seems closed by 6. I would think take-out from Mercatto on Bay ends up around the same price as Scaccia, although they don't have a counter like Scaccia. Ninki might be another cheapish option. Bagel Stop (technically south of Front) in Union Station is ok for a fast food bagel sandwich made to order (BLT bagel is under 4 bucks). I'm not sure if Bagel Stop is open past 6.

    A few blocks west of University, Burrito Boys and Ravi Soups are quick take-out options that are fairly cheap.

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      Marche has been a spot that I have tried and the food can be sub par at times (most times) and the lineups large (first line up for the food then lineup again to pay) plus it is not cheap and there is the automatic 18% gratuity that they add to your bill.

      Bay lower closes by 6 even though the store is open later as I have tried that...

      I am East of Yonge so going West of University is a trek...

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        Just remember the 18% gratuity is not enforceable, and you can tell the cashier to remove some or all of it. At a place like Marche I am happy tp leave a few $$ on table for the bussers, period.

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          I didn't know that. Thanks, Bigtigger.

        2. re: pourboi

          You're more likely to find cheap take-out after 7 pm and south of Queen east of Church, than between Yonge and University. The rent is too high, and foot traffic too low, for a cheap hidden gem to stay open after 7 pm in the Financial District, imo.
          Is the new Shawarma's King location on Queen E? I like their veggie platter.

          1. re: prima

            To me I thought they would want to stay open longer you pay the same rent if you just open for lunch and close at 6 than if you open for lunch and close at 9pm.

            1. re: pourboi

              Good point that the rent is the same regardless. That said, the FD is deserted after 6, apart from the afterwork bars. Regardless of rent, I'm not sure there's enough demand to cover the wages and other business costs (utilities, etc) that increase with longer hours, and make a profit.

      2. IQ Foods on Wellington at Bay is open until 8:30pm Mon - Thurs and Fast Fresh Foods in Commerce Court is open until 8pm on those days as well. I find both are good for healthy and tasty options.

        Mercatto on Bay Street has a take-out/to go counter near the entrance - you would have to check how late it stays operative but I recall it has good sandwiches/salads during the day.

        I find the pizza at Marche pretty decent.

        1. Go a touch north to College or west to Spadina for Bahn Mi Boys. I promise it's worth the trip.

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          1. re: AngeloTO

            I am looking more for a hot meal suggestions AKA a "dinner", not a salad or sandwhich. Maybe now that this Arctic Vortex is over I will have to travel a bit further

          2. unfortunately, the grange is outside your limits.

            - khao san road

            1. The Works Burger and Sukho Thai if you are east of Yonge.
              Beerbistro has a reasonably priced menu for dinner takeout.