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Jan 14, 2014 09:17 PM

iso: mid-priced, not-too-loud, party of six

Hi all,

In search of a mid-priced, not-too-loud restaurant for a Saturday night, party of six, in early March. Location not a big factor (Manhattan/accessible Brooklyn is okay). For point of reference, Annisa's too expensive. Looking for ~$40/$50 a person, with a split bottle-or-two of wine included in that price. Any suggestions? Perhaps there are traditionally loud restaurants-- I'm thinking of ABC Kitchen here-- that have quieter back rooms? (I think that's the case at ABC Kitchen, but I may be misremembering.)

Many thanks!

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  1. Ma Peche has actually become my new go-to for dinner with a hard-of-hearing family member. The high ceiling dissipates sounds incredibly well, meaning that even when the dining room's crowded, you can still hear your conversations.

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    1. The Library at the Public offers a great combination of good food, a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere, and low noise levels.

      1. I too was looking for a place for about 10-12 people for my husband's birthday. My search here led me to Jeanne and Gaston's prixe fixe menu, chicken/lamb at Ma Peche, bo ssam at Momofuku, La bonne soup's group menu, Otto's group menu, Carmine's and Chez Jacqueline.
        I will take more options.

        1. I trulli has a daily happy hour 3-7 with great discounts on wine, you could enjoy the happy hour before dinner there.

          1. For ideas outside of Manhattan (in Brooklyn, as you request), how about posing the same question on the Outer Boroughs board?