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Jan 14, 2014 08:58 PM

Recommendation near convention center

Looking for recommendations for dinner for Saturday and Sunday night--2 weeks from now. Would like something funky, with interesting food, not too loud. There ought to be something a vegetarian can eat. We'll be in town from New York for a convention. Of course, we'll need to be able to get a reservation. I've looked at a couple of places, but no availability (for example, Zahav).
Thanks everyone.

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  1. Since you are near the convention center I would recommend either Maggianos. or perhaps a restaurant with a little more class hard rock cafe philadelphia.

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    1. Maybe Sbraga. Each course usually offers a vegetarian option. It isn't too far from the Convention Center, but definitely walkable.

      Edit: And they don't participate in Restaurant Week.

      1. I just realized, if you mean the 26th, you are coming during Restaurant Week. Maybe that's why there is no availability (on Sunday in particular).

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          Thanks--yes, I do mean the 25th and the 26th. I will check out sbarga.

        2. Chinatown is basically next door to the convention center.

          I really like E Mei.

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            May I expand on that just a little.

            E Mei or Four Rivers if the original poster like spicy and strong favor Chinese food. E Mei even stronger taste, and a bit better decorated.



            Dim Sum Garden if the original poster like lighter dishes like the: Shanghai Soup Dumplings, a simplistic yet difficult make dish. Yes, it may be only excel in one dish, but that one dish carries a lot of weight.


            Ting Wong if the original poster wants something of the Cantonese street foods, like the so called Chinese barbecue, wontons, fried rice, congee....etc.


            Finally, for Cantonese Dim Sum (as opposed to Shanghai Dim Sum), then I recommend Joy Tsin Lau or Ocean Harbor 7 days a week sometime between 10:30 AM to 1:45 PM. Technically they stop Dim Sum at 2:30 PM, but the foods are not that good after 1:45 PM. Ocean Harbor is faster paced and may be a bit "rougher" for beginners.



          2. You are not all that far from Zavino (13th and Sansom). Excellent thin crust pizzas and pastas and enough stuff on the menu for a vegetarian to like. The good/bad news is that they don't take reservations and don't participate in the Restaurant Week humdrum so it may be less crowded than other places.

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              Yes, I was going to suggest the 13th St. corridor. In addition to Zavino, Barbuzzo might fit the bill, though it is fairly loud. Chinatown is also a good suggestion. There, I recommend Rangoon. It's Burmese, pretty quiet, unusual but delicious food, veggie options, and you probably don't need a reservation, though they do take them.