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Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

Mother's Dumplings is coming to the Danforth.
The closed bar near Mr. Pide has a sign "Mother's Dumpling's Coming Soon"....great addition....let's hope Korean is next..

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  1. Amazing news. Really happy to hear that. The Dumpling place at Broadview and Gerrad is ok, but nothing special.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      We quite like the Dumpling House on Gerrard, but nonetheless are thrilled about Mother's Dumplings coming to the Danforth.

        1. re: shelovesfood

          I know. I was referring to GG's post in which I presumed he mentioned Dumpling House as the only example of this kind of food in the Danforth/Riverdale area.

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        it's not the same owners. mother's dumplings is on spadina. the one on gerrard is ok but they are not the ones opening this location.

        1. re: shelovesfood

          Confused. Nothing in their posts suggests they thought this. Quite the opposite.

        1. i've been calling it for a few years:
          Danforth East between pape and Coxwell may be the next food hotspot. and it makes so much sense. subway access vs a stupid streetcar.

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          1. re: atomeyes

            the only and har gow are my usual stops. pitifully low on my dukem visits..but it's there. danforth dragon doesn't get high marks, but chili chicken and singapore noodles are a guilty pleasure. for shopping, i really like masellis.

            what are your spots?

            streetcars just going to get worse. new ones are longer, which will make the "race by them when doors close" game that much more dangerous. hopefully new ones work when it gets super cold. end tangent.

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              Dukem closed :-(

              In a couple visits I've become fond of the newish Japanese place near Jones can't recall the name, nice bright room, friendly people, decent food

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                really? that's too bad. i missed that.

                1. re: grandgourmand

                  check the dukem thread. they are looking for a new spot.

              2. re: grandgourmand

                Von Donuts.
                Greenwood BBQ that's coming should be cool.
                The Wren.
                big house pizza

            2. Oh my gosh, What incredible thrilling news, seriously! I think my property value just went up.
              Thanks for sharing, SO excited!!

              1. To be run by the daughter. "Same" menu, but with more finger foods and draught beer.


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                  sounds interesting. something new to the danforth menu. mavericks had numerous owners and didn't make it so maybe this will be the stick in there

                2. They are open! SO was running errands and saw people inside. Popped in to buy some frozen dumplings and said that the menu they provided appeared similar to the one used at the Spadina location. Also, it was ~80% full at 2:30 in the afternoon so it's a promising start.

                  1. was there at 3:30pm. was first time at Mother's. Thought it was smaller dumplings and a little more expensive than Dumpling House, but it was way better.

                    I think I will be a regular...

                    1. Has anyone else gone to Mothers Dumplings? So interested to know peoples experiences.

                      I got a take out menu there yesterday, thinking about it for dinner tonight.

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                        Prices are a bit higher than Spadina, but I think the food is the same. Others like it, but I've never been a fan of the original location and the new location was the same. Personally I'd rather travel north, but I guess we can't be too picky on the danforth.

                        1. re: szw

                          Hi all! It's Catherine from mothers dumplings, just wanted to clarify prices are the same as the spadina location and we haven't change prices for a couple of years.. Thanks for your support!

                          1. re: cathyf27

                            Sorry that was me. Did you just change the menu on the website? I compared the prices a couple days ago from what I paid in store and swear its a different menu online now.

                            If my mind is just crazy, sorry!

                            1. re: szw

                              There were a few cases where customers were seeing the old menu on the website, we don't know why, maybe that's the reason?

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                              Catherine, since you are reading these posts, can you tell me anything about Da-lu noodles and if the Danforth restaurant will be serving something close to what I had at the Chinatown locations?

                              1. re: neighborguy

                                hi: are you referring to the old location on Huron? My mom told me the DaLu noodle back then was so popular, but after we moved to the Spadina location, as we had more staff members, quality control for the dalu noodles became a little problematic(each chef would make it a bit differently). We are trying hard to train our staff members to follow our original recepies! I really hope we get the old flavours back!

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                                  yes, i found the food (in general) on huron st was the best. i haven't enjoyed it as much even on spadina.

                        2. I went last week.
                          It was really quiet. 2:30 in the afternoon.
                          Service was great. cute little space.
                          there were 3 of us and we ordered lots of deliciousness. they didn't have a few items on the menu (the lamb, i think).
                          otherwise, it was great and tasty.

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                          1. re: atomeyes

                            I was disappointed over the weekend. The dumplings were skimpier and not as tasty as at Dumpling House on Gerrard and the cold mixed salad was just okay. It was my second time there and service was much improved over the first time last week. Still I likely won't go back.

                            1. re: Frids

                              i'll be honest: i don't have a point of reference.
                              i tend to avoid all Spadina/Chinatown restaurants like the plague. never been to the original MD.

                              1. re: atomeyes

                                Why do u avoid spadina and dundas like the "plague"? That area has many great restaurants. Mother dumplings on spadina used to be the best when they were small scale then they became too popular and dropped in quality. However that has been ironed out and they are just as good as they used to be. The danforth location is the same. Same dumplings same service a bit pricer maybe. But I didn't find any difference. Its a great family run business that for the $$ we should all go to. Let's support a mom and pop business that works.

                                1. re: shelovesfood

                                  i am supporting a mom and pop business, now that it is on Danforth East.
                                  why do I avoid Spadina?
                                  crappy parking.
                                  garbage everywhere.
                                  a lot of dirty restaurants.
                                  a lot of restaurants with sterile interior design and bright fluorescent lights.
                                  a lot of mediocre gwai-lo chinese food, and that's being polite.

                                  1. re: atomeyes

                                    I am no fan of Spadina either, but I find parking on the danforth even worse! I almost always find a 1hr spot in kensington, but there is a large Green P parkade that is just west of spadina. I have noticed spadina getting much cleaner in recent years.

                                    I constantly find myself getting stuck in a maze of one-way streets north of danforth!

                                    1. re: atomeyes

                                      You are entitled to your opinions, but I think it's incorrect to categorize Spadina Chinatown food as a lot of "gwai-lo...." food. There is a huge cross selection of Chinese cuisines concentrated in a small area. Of course taste is subjective and may not be for everyone. But if you are looking for the kind of food that non-gwai-lo's eat, you would not have any problems if you cared to look.

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                                        Sorry but parking easy on dundas near spadina in the p park.also not dirty cleaned every night by the trusty union paid toronto city workers. And for the gwai-lo no that is happening in maybe 10 percent of the restaurants. I don't know when the last time u were there but I live very close by and on any given day u have ur asian older contigent in tow at all the restos and then ur smatterting of tourist which in this city are golden because no one wants to come here anymore.

                              2. I would kill to have "northern dumpling kitchen" on the danforth!

                                1. I'd been to the original location on Huron and then on Spadina. I'd never found the delicious Da-lu noodles anywhere before or since. This includes the newest location.

                                  There was something unique about that soup bowl: from the soft, fresh noodles to the rich housemade broth and the texture of the different chopped-up fillings. This was not something I could replicate at home so when I found out she was opening on the Danforth I had to give it a try. Unfortunately the soup turned out to be something I could make in my own pedestrian kitchen, with ingredients such as store-bought udon and the thin soy-based soup. The dumplings were good, although that makes MD stand out for me is the Da-lu. Sad face.

                                  If I'm in the area and feel like dumplings, I will return. However I will also give equal consideration to Dumpling House on Gerrard.

                                  1. My husband and I went last Saturday around 8pm. Service was spotty: took a minute for the waiter to notice that we'd arrived (he thought we were just leaving?!) let alone wanted to sit. There were only three other tables in the restaurant at the time.

                                    Really wanted to try the green onion pancake but it was crossed off the menu, I guess they ran out? Ordered two types of dumplings (steamed pork dumplings, pan-fried beef and chive) and pork buns plus a side of kimchi. Food came out quickly but the quality was inconsistent: pork buns were dry and crumbly, and the pork dumplings were bland. The beef dumplings were the best part of the meal.

                                    Dinner with tax and tip was $30, which I thought was reasonable (my husband was still hungry). We'll give them a few months to work out the kinks before we return.

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                                    1. re: slradcli

                                      I had the green onion pancake, you didn't miss much, quite greasy,

                                      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                                        I found almost everything extremely greasy. In fact it was a real turn off for me - esp the soup? Oil in the broth - why??

                                      2. re: slradcli

                                        They have green onion pancakes at Ha Gow a couple of blocks down, they're ok there, but on the greasy side. I also think I prefer their pan-fried pork dumplings slightly to Mother's. Different experiences and menus overall but if you are looking for green onion pancakes in the hood...

                                      3. I took out several dozen dumplings from there this week. 'Thought they were just as wonderful as the Spadina location (and Huron before that). Service was also great - incredibly helpful young man labeled all the different kinds for me. I think they have the edge over the Dumpling House on Gerrard. Also they have smashed cucumber salad. :)

                                        1. We went yesterday and it was okay but not as good as I had hoped. I thought the pan fried dumplings were quite soggy but my biggest issue was the oil.

                                          Everything seemed very oily to me including the danlu noodles. Is there supposed to be oil in the broth?? At the bottom of our bowl was a puddle of oil which I found very unappealing and a real turn off. I had a funny after taste for the rest of the day.

                                          We wont be going back....too bad cuz we live so close.

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                                          1. re: millygirl

                                            Have been twice. 1 hit and 1 miss. I'm going to wait a while and let the dust settle lol I get that they are not "new" really as they are migrating from another place. Will let you know when I go back in a month or so.

                                            1. re: millygirl

                                              Oh that's too bad! When we go, we focus on steamed and boiled dumplings - we absolutely love the pork and cabbage (in whole wheat wrapper - so unusual), the pork and dill, the chicken and mushroom, and the melon/tofu/noodle. Haven't really come across one we didn't like, actually.
                                              Hope you will give them another chance - at least if you like boiled and steamed dumplings!
                                              (oh, and we're hooked on the smashed cucumber salad too...)

                                              1. re: Klafouti

                                                Sounds good! Is the melon/tofu/noodle dumpling vegetarian?

                                                Also please describe the smashed cucumber salad. I am intrigued. I assume it is a cold dish.

                                                I've never been to the original location but the Danforth is more convenient so would love to try. Mr Leny is a big fan of hot and sour soup. Is their version red or brown?


                                                1. re: mrsleny

                                                  I've assumed the melon one is vegetarian but I haven't specifically asked whether there are any hidden animal ingredients. There are a couple other presumably vegetarian dumplings as well, but this one's our favourite.

                                                  Yes, the cucumbers are cold. I love that after I ordered it I could hear them doing the smashing in the kitchen. It is chock full of pungent raw garlic, has lots of coriander, and, a brown sauce (vinegar? soy sauce? something else fermented?? - sorry, I've never asked about this either). I just find it addictive.

                                                  Can't comment on the hot and sour soup myself - 'don't think I've tried it. I really like the wonton soup, which has a clear-ish broth and lots of seaweed and tiny dried shrimp in it.

                                                  Hope you go, and like it!

                                                  1. re: Klafouti

                                                    Thank you for the info. The cucumber salad sounds delicious. The brown sauce could be black vinegar. Found this recipe http://soyricefire.com/2012/09/01/sma...

                                                    I will definitely make a trip in the near future.

                                                    1. re: mrsleny

                                                      That's interesting! - thanks for the link. It seems like black rice vinegar must be the mystery ingredient...

                                                  2. re: mrsleny

                                                    If you haven't been to the Danforth location yet, we do have several vegeratian options available, and there are no hidden animal ingredients. Some of the noodles can also be made in vegetarian versions, please ask our servers for specific cooking options!~

                                                    1. re: cathyf27

                                                      Thanks! So glad to hear that vegetarian truly means vegetarian. I will definitely visit in the near future.

                                              2. Made a take-out trip here Saturday night (actually it was Mr. Roostermom). Thoroughly enjoyed our choices! Everything was so, so tasty. We live very close to Dumpling House and very much enjoy Ha Gow but I think Mother's is worth the small amount more. I did find them a tad on the oily side but we had a couple of pan fried choices. We will be back!

                                                1. We went there as a party of 3 last Saturday and very much enjoyed it. I've never been to the original Chinatown location but we do get dumplings fairly often from Ha Gow and Dumpling House, so I'm not a total newbie. For the record, I did find 'eating in' the food was less oily than take-out. One thing we didn't enjoy was the Da-lu noodles. It was so bland! Were we missing something? Is it like Pho where you have to add something to get great flavour? Of note were the spiced peanuts which were little, cheap, flavour bombs and the Garlic Bok Choy, which was a huge portion and I LOVE bok choy. We had a selection of dumplings and the beef and celery stood out, as did the lamb shui mai. IIRC we also had the Pork Shrimp and Melon dumplings and the Chicken and Mushroom.

                                                  1. Checked it out last Friday for lunch. Nice place. I liked the pancakes and the pork and chive steamed dumplings. The hot and sour soup was quite good too. Dumpling House on Gerrard seemed to be better value.

                                                    1. After two visits I am finding it a bit hit and miss. Full menu available the second time (there were several things unavailable our first visit), and much better service, so that was nice. But the fried items we tried last night were all way too oily. Definitely prefer Har Gow's pan fried dumplings and green onion pancake. The steamed BBQ buns and steamed chive/shrimp/egg dumplings were good and all the dumpling fillings seemed fully cooked, which wasn't the case the first time. The much-loved cucumber salad didn't do much for me, it's fine and a good way to cut the grease.
                                                      The upside is that prices are low enough to try a few things and figure out what you like. I'm stuck with certain items for my kids though so I can't avoid the fried stuff which would be my preference at this point. Also found the veg fried rice (another kid concession) really bland and boring and didn't reorder it. The rice was more fluffy than fried and the veggies seemed like frozen.
                                                      We did unexpectedly really enjoy the steamed dessert dumplings on our first visit, when they were out of all the other desserts.