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Jan 14, 2014 07:39 PM

Lunch/brunch near airport?

We're meeting a friend with a layover at the airport. Can anyone recommend a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with decent food in relative proximity to the airport? We'd like to go somewhere that we can get to from the airport and park in less than 15 minutes. Then, we hope to have a couple hours to hang out and eat.

Any ideas appreciated!

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  1. That's a challenge. If traffic is OK you can get to South Philly and fight for parking in 15 minutes.

    The restaurant at the airport Marriott is not bad at all and would maximize time and minimize hassle. Your friend can walk out of security in B terminal and keep going down the hall to the hotel. You can park in the B-terminal garage on the Marriott floor and walk right in.

    I've eaten there and had a good (not great, but good) meal.

    This link will lead you to the menu

    1. What time of day and how much total time do they have. You lose 30 minutes from landing til they disembark. And the need to allow at least fifteen to 30 minutes for them to clear security again.

      I concur with Sal that the airport marriott is reasonable but only if they are coming in on terminal b or c which means us airways.

      If not.. let them deal with airport food and leave them alone.

        1. Thanks everyone, for all your practical suggestions. You were right...we were a bit ambitious for such a short layover. The Marriott turned out to be perfect - I mean, not exciting, but pleasant and highly convenient. Allowed us to maximize our time together and a pleasant place to hang out. Didn't realize how it was right there.

          Thanks for talking sense...

          P.S. Would like to try Tap Room some time, have not been. But brunch in Philly is always so crazy, so not willing to risk a wait on such a tight schedule.