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Jan 14, 2014 06:03 PM

Dinning Options near Dulles/Herndon, VA?

Coming into town for work event and will be staying at the Marriott-Washington Dulles in Herndon, VA. We are currently slated to eat every single meal in the hotel and I'd really like to avoid that or any chain restaurants for that matter.

For Friday night would love to find a place within close proximity (less than ten mins or so in a cab) that has a private room to feed 10-12 people. Open to food/price.

Stuck at hotel on Saturday night

Sunday night dinner is open. I'm willing to jump in a cab and go wherever. However, I'd prefer to stay in VA (as opposed to going into DC). Currently looking at:
-2941 Restaurant
-Ray's the Steaks
-The Liberty Tavern

Any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks

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  1. 2941 used to be wonderful. But, not so good now. Ray's the Steaks is great.

    1. 8 minutes away is Akshaya fro Indian food, especially good for its Chettinad cuisine. Start off with the chicken 65 and the calamari porichathu, and then go on to the hyderabadi dum biryani and the kothu parotta. That would be an exceptional meal by any standards.

      Or if you are in the mood for Turkish food, go to Granada for the Turkish pizza aka pide. Also 8 minutes away by car.


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        I went to Akshaya and tried Steve's recommendations. All was good. I didn't know what kothu parotta was - I expected an Indian bread but it was a stuffing type bread. Very good. Had dessert of rasmali (sp) it was the best! Could not eat all we had ordered so just finished some for breakfast Still have lots left - very large portions.

        I would recommend not having the palate cleanser spice mix at the bar. One family when leaving the mother served them the spice mix on the spoon and then put the spoon back for anyone else. Not very considerate.

        Steve that was a wonderful recommendation. Thank you.

        1. re: knitone

          Glad you liked it. Kothu Parotta is a shredded bread dish, which is then mixed with spices and whatever added ingredients are listed. They make several versions at Akshaya. But you are right: it is closest to the kind of stuffing you'd use at Thanksgiving.

          I like the kothu parotta even better at the nearby Karaikudi. If you go there, I also like the mutton sukka varuval, which they will warn you is hot. This is another restaurant that serves Chettinad cuisine, a bit less polished than Akshaya, but every bit as good.

          I hope luckyfatima can add to this, as she has guided me to some of the best stuff.

      2. A few nearby suggestions:
        Angeethi in Herndon is good Indian food and they have a private room about the size you want.

        Mikaku is the best Japanese restaurant in the Herndon area and also has a private room for a group your size.

        Neither of these will break the bank.

        The restaurants in Reston Town Center will be LOUD.

        A bit further away in Centreville you can ask for a private room at Soo Won Galbi, a Korean place whose waitstaff have always been welcoming to my family. Their galbi (grilled short rib) is the best we've had in the DC area. We've never had a dish that we thought was a "miss." They don't turn the spicing down for non-Koreans, but my 70-something parents and in-laws have generally not had an issue with spicing levels.

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        1. re: PollyG

          Soo won galbi is excellent with very friendly service.

        2. I would look at Lyon Hall. It has a cute upstairs area to feed a private party and they do a really, really good job with it. It is in Arlington, VA in the Clarendon area.

          Another great option is Tallulah -- also in Arlington --

          If you want to explore options where you don't have to come as far east as Arlington, Mad Fox Brewing Co is a good choice in Falls Church. It is a microbrew and has very good food.

          Last option is Clydes in Tysons Corner -- also not quite as far as Arlington. Clydes is o.k. It is sort of your standard menu (which is why I like it a little less), but they put on a good meal.

          Let me know which one you pick!