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Jan 14, 2014 05:49 PM

Garage VV - A Little Moir's Restaurant - Northwood

Anyone been yet? Affiliated with Food Shack and Leftover's (Mike Moir), although from what I've been told it's his wife (Vivian -- hence the VV) running it. Brought in a chef from Miami -- given the Mike Moir pedigree, am surprised no reviews either here or in the local papers..

When I was walking along Northwood prior to it opening, looked like it was going to be a very cool space. Web site does not do a good job with Menu, so hard to tell if it is a food shack style menu, or the exec chef is making it his own, and what the food is really all about.

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  1. My boss was raving about it today, actually. They went over the weekend and said the food was (as expected) fantastic, with lots of fresh fish, but also steak and other items like chicken and waffles. She really loved the atmosphere too. It's on our list to try asap.

    1. We did finally get to Garage VV this weekend, on a lovely Saturday afternoon where we were nearly the only diners there. We shared what they called was a warm Caesar salad, but was actually sauteed shredded Brussels sprouts, kale, onion, bacon, with parm and a dressing. It was wonderful. We then tried the Korean BBQ tacos and the mahi sandwich with bacon and cheese and both were excellent, esp the fish, which was a large portion and was fresh and juicy. The best part was the bread pudding though! We loved it. Price for lunch around 12-14 each, plus salad and dessert. Well worth it and can't wait to go back.

      1. Sounds great...thank you...whatever they are doing (at their other places)...they are doing it right...

        Thanks again.

        1. FYI -- picked up from Leftovers the other night, and they have a flyer/postcard on the counter for Garage VV that gives 20% off. Imagine they are giving them out at Food Shack as well... Probably trying to get the northern regulars to venture down and try it. Am really surprised that given the Mike Moir name, the PB Post hasn't reviewed or even mentioned it that I've seen.