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Jan 14, 2014 05:44 PM

Krave - Tequesta

Anyone been here? Saw mention of it opening, menu looks nice and seems like an small intimate space... Only reviews I've found are on Trip Advisor, and are so glowing hard to believe...

Krave Creative Cuisine & Wine Bar

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  1. Anyone? Tempted to try it as well!!

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    1. re: LoN

      I did end up going -- recommend it. We called mid-week for a Saturday night reservation. Place was completely full. Decor is modern but not over the top. It is a very small space and the tables are a little tight. There is bar seating as well.

      Appetizers were good -- with one exception. Pear and Blue Cheese pasta "purses" were rich and decadent. Salads were fresh with interesting combinations of ingredients. A "flash friend" shrimp tempura appetizer fell flat, however, as the coating was soggy (either not hot enough oil or taken out too quickly).

      Entrees were all winners -- and a note that the chef pays attention here. A lamb saddle dish had been pulled from the menu (actually no longer on the menu on the web site), as the chef was unhappy with what he was getting from purveyor.

      A pork tenderloin was cooked to a perfect Med-Rare and very juicy, with White Cheddar cake, napa cabbage, bacon and a port brown butter sauce. Fish, scallops and a veal special were all good, but I thought the pork tenderloin was very good.

      Chef is obviously proud of his desserts (he worked at Grammercy Tavern, so there is pedigree there. When we didn't order one of his favorites he sent out the Basil ice cream that came with for us to taste.

      Service was generally good (tricky given the table configuations. All in all a good addition to the area, and much more adventurous combinations of flavors than you will find in the area. Definitely worth a try.

      1. re: jon777

        Thank you for the review/comments...sounds like a nice place.

    2. Thanks for the update...sounds very nice...will make a point to visit!

      1. Strong review in last weeks PB Post... Been meaning to go back...

        1. It has a fairly high price point but it might do well given the area it is in. I see the chef was from Jupiter Island Grill.