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Jan 14, 2014 05:07 PM

Las Casuelas vs. El Jefe in Palm Springs?

Looking to book for a hen party dinner of about 20 people. Has anyone been to either or both of these places and can speak to the space and food? Help very appreciated!

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  1. Mme Zoe and I like Johnny Costas down near the end of Palm Canyon Drive - superior food. I think that Las casuelas is loud, crowded and not very good food but we have friends who DO and eat there weekly. Never t ried El Jefe.

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      We had a very nice lunch at Las Casuelas Nuevas last year out on the patio. Very good food, service and nice ambiance. There are misters also set around the tables which is nice. :)

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        That's been our go to spot for years when we visit.

      2. Las Casuelas is El Torito with a very nice patio. Nice venue to eat mediocre Mexican.

        1. Is El Jefe the Jose Garcia place? Cuz if it is, I'd want to go there......

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            Never mind, it's not. check out his place Tinto, in the Saguaro Hotel.....

          2. If you're looking for the best food, my sources tell me Spencer's is the way to go. Four stars and hundreds of reviews on Yelp.