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Jan 14, 2014 05:01 PM

When watching a food/cooking show what are you looking for in the host?

These are my opinions{

Bourdain is snarky yet informative about new things.
Guy Fieri is big-bold and tries to be funny.
Julia Child is just straight information

These are 3 that I enjoy.But what do you enjoy in food shows?

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  1. Destination cooking, off site out of the studio cooking shows. For me it's more about the setting and the menu than the host. But as hosts go, Luke has my undivided attention when I catch an episode.

    I enjoy watching this:

    Second, Chuck Hughes. Fun loving, free spirit chef. I enjoy his adventures.

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      HillJ, I'm also a huge fan of Luke Nguyen! I've always wanted to go to Vietnam to eat (it's my favorite food), but his shows have sent me right over the edge. I'm planning a trip now . . .if I can get my schedule to cooperate

      1. re: HillJ

        Ohh yes I enjoy Luke Nguyen. The food isn't really what I would probably attempt at home too often, but it's really enjoyable to watch, and I like watching him interact with everyone he meets.

        1. re: HillJ

          Watching both shows helped me become a better Asian ingredient shopper and customer. Because now the ingredients and individual dishes I wasn't familiar with have been broken down into understandable steps. Without the proper visual demonstration for dishes prepared with a bit of this and a dash of that, I'd miss something and the dish would be lost/different. I also find ordering these dishes off a menu makes far more sense to me now.

          The settings that Luke and Chuck tape in really make the food experience so enjoyable. The episode where Luke is grilling inside a small canoe while heading down the river stayed with me for days. Chuck makes me smile no matter what he does.

          1. re: HillJ

            Luke Nguyen is absolutely terrific. I also like Laura Calder, of French Food at Home.

          2. And, I'm still a Bobby Flay fan when he's doing the cooking and talking about new ventures (I don't watch the contestant shows).

            1. A good mix of cooking and travel with a knowledgeable host, preferably somewhere off the beaten path, not too flashy or gushing. Luke Nguyen is good, Bourdain in A Cook's Tour, Kylie Kwong in small doses.

              1. knowledgeable. appropriately enthused about the product being prepared and the methods being utilized. respectful of the work involved and free to express themselves fully regarding the finished product. somebody who's been there and done that - knows what it's like to be in a kitchen, to prepare foods, to work with the ingredients. not just someone who likes to eat - somebody that really gets it.

                1. When it comes to the host itself, I like more straightforward and calm... think Ina Garten, or Bobby Flay in his straight cooking shows (I really like his Brunch with Bobby show). I also enjoy Ching He Huang's Easy Chinese... not so much her Restaurant Redemption show. I also like Kelsey Nixon but she can get a bit annoying... her recipes are good though.

                  I'm not into folks who seem to shout at the camera and/or have lots of catchphrases and/or seem fake.