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Jan 14, 2014 05:01 PM

Vote for the February 2014 Cookbook of the Month!

Welcome to the voting thread for the February 2014 Cookbook of the Month. A total of 12 different books were nominated, with two coming out on top, but not by a landslide: Dumplings and Hakka cuisine. Which will reign supreme?

***While you mull over the choices, please give some thought as to whether you'd like to be our next coordinator. We will need someone new to step in with the March nominations thread (your first post will be around February 7). ***
Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Our first nominee is THE HAKKA COOKBOOK: CHINESE SOUL FOOD FROM AROUND THE WORLD by Linda Lau Anusasananan. “Even if you have other Chinese cookbooks, it’s worth getting to know Hakka cuisine, because it’s mostly home style cooking, ideal to try in your own kitchen. In the book Anusasananan traces her roots and shares stories from the people she meets on her journey into her past…There are classic recipes for Fried Pork Hash Wontons, Salt Baked Chicken…and lots of vegetable dishes including Braised Mountain Mushrooms, Pickled Carrots and Radishes and Stir Fried Lettuce and Garlic.

“According to Anusasananan, the Hakka are like the ‘Jews of China,’ nomads who migrated from North-Central China to the South… Their cuisine is the food of the working person, robust and sometimes fatty. They use a lot of salt-preserved ingredients such as preserved vegetables, cured meats and soy sauce. The food is related to Cantonese, but more rustic. Famous Hakka classic dishes include Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens, Stuffed Tofu, and Salt-Baked Chicken.”

The second nominee is ASIAN DUMPLINGS by Andrea Nguyen. “Plump pot stickers, spicy samosas, and tender bāo (stuffed buns) are enjoyed by the million every day in dim sum restaurants, streetside stands, and private homes worldwide. Wrapped, rolled, or filled; steamed, fried, or baked–Asian dumplings are also surprisingly easy to prepare, as Andrea Nguyen demonstrates in Asian Dumplings.

“Organized according to type (wheat pastas, skins, buns, and pastries; translucent wheat and tapioca preparations; rice dumplings; legumes and tubers; sweet dumplings), Asian Dumplings encompasses Eastern, Southeastern, and Southern Asia, with recipes from China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.”

To view the nomination thread, please click here:

To view the history of COTM and how it works, please visit this link:

Please cast your vote by checking the "recommend" box underneath your chosen title (one vote per hound please).

Voting will close on Tuesday, January 21st at 7 PM Central Time.

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      1. I'm voting right off the bat. It remains to be seen how far that will get.

        We're gonna miss you when you're gone BigSal!

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        1. re: Gio

          Thanks to Gio (and all) for your support throughout.

        2. Wow, what interesting choices! I don't own either so I am going to sit back and watch.

          2 Replies
          1. re: dkennedy

            I don't have either myself, so I too am going to sit back and watch, at least for now. I could see myself using the dumpling book, so if that wins and DH is on board for a month of dumplings (which is not even a question, he LOVES them), perhaps I'll invest. My cookbook collection is overflowing the shelves I have dedicated to it, though, so I'm trying not to buy more...

            1. re: biondanonima

              Get the book. I was one of Andrea's testers so I am pretty familiar with it. In the credits they have my last name wrong, that is okay, the dumplings are all good.

          2. Great job once again BigSal. So we decided not to do a mix of dumplings with the tofu book? I guess that makes my choice a little easier, although both these books sound delicious.

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            1. re: LulusMom


              I'd be glad to post a companion thread for Asian Tofu, but there were not enough actual nominations for Asian Tofu and Asian Dumplings as a pair to make it to the voting round.

              1. re: BigSal

                Totally fair enough. I'll be happy whichever wins, I think.

              2. re: LulusMom

                I might have voted for Nguyen if it had been both books.