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Jan 14, 2014 03:46 PM

To-go food for a flight [San Francisco]

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that ends at 10:00am at Sutter/Stockton, and a flight back to New York at 1pm. I wanted to grab a bite to eat and purchase something to eat on the flight. It'd be great to find something that wasn't a sandwich but was still pretty easy to carry for a few hours. My only idea is to pop over to the Ferry Building, but it's a bit far.

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  1. How are you getting to which airport?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Good questions...was going to leave my luggage at my dr's office while I hunted for food, planning to take BART from Montgomery or Powell to SFO.

      1. re: betterbeheaven

        There's a sort of international restaurant row a few blocks away on Kearny St. between Sutter and Pine. Lots of choices, mobbed by Financial District types at lunchtime but should be quiet before 11. Greek, French, Filipino, Colombian/Cuban, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Mexican, salad (Boxed Foods).

    2. You could go to the Int'l Food Court which is on the corner of Bush and Kearny. The Vietnamese place there apparently opens at 10 AM ( It would not be crowded there at that time, so you could probably just bring your luggage in with you.

      You could get some fresh spring rolls (my favorite food to bring on flights) or some sort of salad, or a banh mi (though I know you said no sandwiches).

      From there, it's a quick walk to Montgomery BART, and then you can head off to the airport.

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      1. re: Dave MP

        The suggestions are good for the neighborhood you will be in.In case your appointment runs late and you need to get to the airport quicker to clear security,I suggest the Dungeness crab/shrimp quesadilla at Buena Vista Cafe in Terminal 3.Makes for great inflight food that is not a sandwich.Also like the clam chowder from Gordon Biersch Brewery also in Terminal 3 because it doesn't contain bacon.

        1. re: casalbore spirit

          Good to know about the quesadilla. Sounds tasty, and since United is my poison of choice, I see T3 pretty regularly.

          1. re: betterbeheaven

            Ha Ha and poison United is!Thank God the new terminal E wing is opening this month with more food and comfort options to that so outdated terminal.I do like the 1/2 doz oysters and the prawn,dungeness crab,oyster combo at Yankee Pier also,on return to the airport,however very over priced.

          2. re: casalbore spirit

            We had a great breakfast burrito from Andale in T3 about a week ago. (Thanks to CHs) Their other food looks terrific also:


            1. re: c oliver

              Glad you found a good breakfast option that worked for you.Not being an egg eater,that breakfast menu doesn't work for me at all,though I usually travel on a red eye flight.Not a fan of Andale,a generic chain in Los Gatos,one location in SF Centre and various Bay Area airport locations.Cheap ingredients and inauthentic recipes.I suppose for food on the fly it's better than what you're not going to get on the airplane!

              1. re: casalbore spirit

                I cook and eat out A LOT of Mexican food and this was QUITE good. We used to live in the city and now spend about half our time in Reno, which has a large Latino population. Is it the best Mexican food I ever had? No. Was it damn fine for carrying on an airplane? The best I've ever had probably.


                1. re: c oliver

                  Again,glad Andale met your expectations and you had a good morning meal.They have a sit down restaurant and a take out location in Los Gatos.Just not the cuisine I prefer over so many great mexican restaurants in the Bay Area.Even at the airport,I prefer not to eat there.

                2. re: casalbore spirit

                  This is simply not true. The Palo Alto Andale was much beloved as one of the few PA lunch spots that hit a solid sweet spot of tasty, healthy, "inexpensive". The burrito has been invented in the bay area, so it's whatever we say it is.

                  The food is different from more generic (and authentic) mexican food that it's lighter on the fat, and higher quality ingredients. The salsa is certainly plausible.

                  In Palo Alto, we now have Sanchos, which is arguably better. The carnitas is more true, everything's more "lard-licious", but, honestly, when I'm looking for a lunch I want something lighter. I've been to Sancho's a small handful of times, and had gone to Andale dozens and dozens.

                  Would anyone put Andale in line for best burrito in the bay area? No, surly not. But to call them a generic chain (like, say, Rubio's, which I would heartily agree is poor ingredients and average quality) is simply not true.

          3. If you like healthy food, I'm a fan of Pasilla Mexican on Kearny. What I especially love is the quinoa (I know, totally not Mexican, but cooked with a rich broth so it's infused with a nice flavor.) Will last well in transit.

            Otherwise, ithe grilled chicken, or carnitas... you need to dump a lot of their nicely flavored salsa to give it oomph.

              1. re: felice

                Oh, Sweet Woodruff has been on my to-try list for quite awhile! I forgot about it.

                I ended up choosing to spend more time with a friend rather than hunting down food, so I just got the Andale breakfast burrito to go (as recommended on another recent thread about food in T3). It was good for its purpose.

              2. Best Bet - Directly across Union Sq from 450 Sutter Dental Bldg is Westfield Center on Market at Powell EXACTLY where you will catch BART to SFO. You needn't leave yr luggage at dentist - roll it to Westfield Center basement level where you will find 1 and 2 below as well as BART all on the same level.

                It has

                1. Bristol Farms supermarket - upscale food for take-out as well as a great assemble your own food bar. You are sure to find what you want.


                2. on same basement level dozens of restaurants geared to self service take-out/eat at a table. Great choices.

                Get your food and BART is on same level about 100 yds to the train.