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Jan 14, 2014 02:52 PM

Vail (w/ Kid)

Long time reader, first time poster.

Going to Vail w/ wife & 6-year old daughter. Might drag her to one more upscale dinner - but mostly looking for recommendations for quality kid-friendly food (e.g. best burger, best pizza, etc.)

Any on-mountain spots would need to be accessible by foot or via very easy green skiing. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Based upon skiing almost too many days already this year, only 2 places I'll eat at Vail or Beaver Creek on the Mountain. The 10th at Mid-Vail and Spago at Bachelor Gulch are very good. And not much more expensive than the other on mountain dining places. Vail Resorts has raised prices and not quality at the cafeteria type venues. Get reservations for either.

    Yeah, I know, I used to dis Spago, but it is terrific for lunch.

    1. Hi. Heading to vail with three 8 yr olds. Did you find anything that was decent and worked for families? Many thanks

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        First, I'm very jealous. This was truly the most enjoyable trip we've taken and was perfect for our 6-year old. It's been several months, so I don't remember every place we ate - but will do my best.

        The first night we got there we at at Bistro 14 up the Gondola. We found the food to be not good but the experience was a good one because we all enjoyed the unbelievable view and Gondola ride. Very casual and kid-friendly.

        One night we had Pazzo's Pizza. Didn't try Blue Moose but imagine it's a similar experience - e.g. good (but not unbelievably good) pizza and a casual kid-friendly atmosphere. Tough to go wrong.

        For our more upscale dinner we chose Elway's. How kid friendly it is would depend on the kids. Our daughter loved it and had a kids sized salmon dinner that she devoured. I thought the beef was excellent. If you go, don't miss the lamb chop fondue appetizer.

        We did breakfast one morning at the Little Diner - highly recommend - put your name on the list and they text you when your seats are ready.

        Had a nice lunch one day at Tavern on the Square - standard American fare and kid friendly. Ate lunch another day at one of the mountain quick service places with our ski school group. It was surprisingly good for what it was - much better than they could get away with.

        There are several more upscale places that we would've tried without kids - depending on your group you might have some options that we didn't have with a littler child.

        We look forward to returning in a couple years. Good luck for good weather and a wonderful trip.

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          My kids love Blue Moose - particularly the table cloths that you can color on. We have eaten at Pazzo's as well, but prefer Blue Moose and Vendetta's.

          Total bar food, but the kids also love Garfinkel's.

          We were on the mountain today and it was pretty cold. We normally eat lunch at MidVail (either that or the Terrace Level) just because it's easy, but today we bought food at Larkspur Market at the base. It was good! The Larkburger was $9.95 compared to $19.95 or something ridiculous like that at Larkspur during happy hour. Well worth it!

          The other place we used to stop in for a quick lunch was Old Forge Pizza, but discovered that they moved to West Vail.

          I've never been to Elway's, but it's on the to-do list. Love Matsuhisa.

          In general, if you go early, any restaurant works just fine for a family.

      2. thanks so much for the tips!