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Jan 14, 2014 01:08 PM

Dim Sum on a Tuesday

I have plans to have Dim Sum in Chinatown next Tuesday. I often go on the weekend, but haven't been during the week. Does anyone have a recommendation for mid week delicious, hot, and fresh?

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  1. Winsor! They're my favorite weekday dim sum (and second place weekend dim sum after Bubor Cha Cha).

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    1. re: maillard

      Let's be honest. You really like Bubor Cha Cha just because it's so much fun to say! :-)
      And.. actually I haven't been, but just looked at their website. Definitely going on my list of places to hit. Thank you.

      1. re: UnclePH

        Ha! You are correct! But I do also think their steamed pork buns are the best.

        1. re: maillard

          Serioulsy, I can't wait to go just so I can tell people I'm going to Bubor Cha Cha. I'm checking in. I'm tweeting. I'm facebooking and instagraming. I'm definitely getting steamed pork buns!

    2. Windsor should be good as well as the place on Beach street near the liquor store as they both are off the menu places and not cart dim sum.

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      1. re: lc02139

        Its name is Great Taste, and I agree.

        1. re: Niblet

          Either Great Taste or Bubor Cha Cha would do the trick. I've never found Winsor more than average, though I know it has its adherents.

      2. ate at Windsor last night- highlight was the turnip cake with xo sauce

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. Someone also recommended Hei Lo Moon. Has anyone eaten there on a weekday?

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          1. re: mamy001

            Yes, it's fine. Not as many choices as on the weekend--no clams, fried fish, or stirfried greens (though I guess you could order these off the menu). But the usual suspects are okay--though you might have to pay attention to make sure you're getting something that hasn't been circulating for a while.

          2. Before 4PM you can get dim sum at Great Taste. I've had good luck there at least once, and they have a few things that Winsor doesn't. Winsor serves until 9:30 or so every night, and I've always had consistently good food there.