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Jan 14, 2014 01:01 PM

Valentine's Day help [Restaurant North, Armonk vs. The Farmhouse at Bedford Post]

Hey everyone! I live in New Rochelle and want to take my "other half" someplace new to celebrate Valentine's Day. I'm interested in 2 places but just can't seem to decide between the 2, PLEASE HELP!! I'm thinking either Restaurant North in Armonk or The Farmhouse at Bedford Post, anyone have any opinions or experiences with either of these? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. We loved our meals at North...except for the last time we ate there. And the service can be very iffy in our experience. I will say that I think North is a poor choice for a romantic dinner since the noise level (downstairs) is abysmal. Although we always have requested to eat upstairs, the last couple of times we went, the room up there was booked for private parties.

    I have never eaten at The Farmhouse at Bedford Post, but everything I've read about it has been pretty good, and anything would be a better romantic atmosphere than the downstairs at North.

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      I agree Roxlet that the service at North can be iffy. It really depends on the server. There's a particular server, I don't know if she is still there, with curly dark hair, who we've had twice, who is wonderful. Chatty but not intrusive, didn't rush us, etc. But I can think of two other recent times (one a RW meal, so take that with a grain of salt) when we felt sort of rushed through our meal with two other waitresses. I prefer the later reservations because they let you linger longer.

      Anyway, the food makes up for it, and for Valentine's Day the upstairs would certainly be romantic enough (though I am not a fan of the tables right by the stairs). I'd book as soon as possible, though, if you're doing it the day of or that weekend, as I"m sure it will be a hard table to get.

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        Ice cream - I know exactly who you mean. We had her last time and she was terrific. I even emailed the chef about her, we were so impressed. Her name is Melissa - is that who you had?

    2. I have eaten at both and while the atmosphere at the Farmhouse is more romantic the food at North is far superior.

      1. I think the food is amazing at North, and perhaps if you mention when making your reservation that you're really hoping for a romantic experience, they will find you a quiet spot. I've never had iffy service there. I haven't eaten at Bedford Post, but a few friends have told me they were underwhelmed.

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          I agree with MRS. The food is excellent at North and though I haven't been to Bedford Post, I haven't heard anything too great about it to make me want to go. North is rather loud, especially downstairs, but to me, a vibrant atmosphere isn't necessarily a bad thing. The mood is still upscale at North and perhaps on Valentine's Day, it will be mostly couples dining, thus lending a more romantic feel.

        2. Great feedback! Thanks so much for the help!

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            At North, ask for a table upstairs. It is much quieter.

          2. I say North. Bedford Post has some of the WORST service I have ever experienced.