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Jan 14, 2014 12:15 PM

60th Birthday Celebration

Looking for something nice to do with a small, 10-15 person group for my Mother's 60th birthday.

One of my aunts suggested an intercoastal dinner cruise. How is the food on these things? The harbor cruise in Boston is disgusting. Can I expect the same in FL?

Is there some outdoor space that we could rent with an "in house" caterer?

What about other fun spots? Museums, theaters, etc. that might have unique dining spaces that aren't outrageously expensive.

I realize I can always fall back on a private restaurant room but I'd really like to find something more celebratory. Thanks!

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    1. Have lunch at Verde, the restaurant at the new art museum, the PAMM, in downtown Miami. The views are breathtaking and the food and service quite good. Moderate prices. Dinner only on Thursdays. You look east down Government Cut and often cruise ships are in port. World class architecture. You do not have to pay admission to the museum to eat at the restaurant. Avoid the dinner cruises as they are total ripoffs.

      Juvia at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach has fabulous views of South Beach (same architects as the museum). Good food and expensive.

      1. Sorry, I did not see that you wanted a Fort Lauderdale venue for your birthday celebration.

        1. Bump... could really use some help. Even with just a decent Ft. Lauderdale restaurant that might have a private room. (Verde would have been really cool but not sure about driving down that way).

          Las Olas threads aren't turning up much- is the whole street just overrated/overpriced places?

          What about Hollywood? Weston?

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            I know Texas de Brazil has private rooms. I've never tried the food.

              1. re: Mat Josher

                Timpano on las olas has a private room.