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add it up

Reading JennaBean's comment about 416 Snackbar in another thread made me wonder, if you were to have a running tally, at which restaurants/establishments/bakeries/specialty food shops have you probably purchased/spent/ordered the most, were you to add up all your purchases/gifts/gift cards/orders/meals/etc.?
Soma would top my list, probably followed by Nota Bene.

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  1. Bar Hop followed by C'est What.

    Yes, we drink a lot of good beer (and whiskeys!) The food is decent for what they are too.

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    1. re: lister

      Which dishes do you order most frequently at C'est What?

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          Was hoping for a food rec. :) I realize C'est What is a great place for beer, but my beer consumption is somewhere around 1 beer/decade. :)

          1. re: prima

            If there's a food special that I find interesting then it's that. That's perhaps 75-80% of the time. The St Lawrence Peameal sandwich makes frequent appearances as a special.

            As for regular menu items dijon chicken with caesar salad. I think the caesar salad is pretty decent, much better than most restaurants. Garlicky, anchovies and real shaved parmesan (?) cheese on it. Sometimes either the bison or lamb burger. Staggering pig sandwich.

            A regular menu item that the girlfriend likes is the falafel.

        2. Great thread.
          " at which restuarants/establishments/bakeries /specialty food shops have you probably purchased/spent/ordered the most, "

          Does the LCBO count?
          If I were to tally food/drink related spending over the year, it'd probably be:
          Cheese Boutique
          Enoteca Sociale
          probably closely followed by
          The Saint

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            The LCBO should probably count. It'll be right up there for us.

          2. easy - Royal Beef, followed by Moberly Natural Foods (formerly Better Bulk), gotta shop local!

            1. Soma and Stockyards for me.

              1. LCBO for overall dollars spent. For food, The Pie Plate in Niagara-on-the-Lake and The Regal Diner in Niagara Falls. In Toronto, probably Soma.

                1. Probably Hooked, Leslieville Cheese and 416. In that order.
                  I excluded places like Jacob b/c two ppl can spend $500 in on night there without trying too hard.

                  1. LCBO for most dollars spent, poorest advice, and lowest quality:price ratio. How many other domains have to put up with this?
                    The Beer Store is distant 2nd, mostly because they are a total write off.

                    1. I think including LCBO makes this thread utterly uninformative. Mine would be zen and burgers priest

                      1. Swiss Chalet.
                        20 years of eating there with kids plus takeout.

                        1. Like others, the LCBO would be the easy winner for specialty food shops.

                          For restaurants, my guess would probably be Colborne Lane, just because I hosted one expensive dinner there and went one other time and I can't think of anywhere else where my bills would add up to that level of expense. I don't go to a lot of restaurants over and over again, and the few I do (Rol San, the Turkish place that was by my old house, as examples) just aren't that expensive.

                          If I go back a really long way, the Central Square cafeteria at York University probably has a dog in this race, because I ate lunch and sometimes breakfast and/or dinner there several times a week for several years.

                          1. Great idea!

                            I've spent a lot on drinks and occasional snacks at 416, the Ceili Cottage, the Pilot, Queen and Beaver, and in the last year, Hitch, Bar Hop and the Wren.

                            On meals, I've burned the most, cumulatively, at Libretto, Eno Sociale, Luma, and Harbord Room.

                            BUT! Recent meals and Buca and Patria were SO expensive and good that I could see those adding up soon...

                            1. Very interesting question, and sad what the numbers show :

                              My Pareto chart :
                              1) Fuel for vehicles
                              2) Insurance
                              3) LCBO
                              4) Drops off fast now

                              Pitiful isn't it ?

                              Perhaps we can get an answer to your question from the Oil Barons, Insurance Tycoons, and LCBO Fat Cats....

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                                Interesting to see how the tallies compare. I spend more on coffee at Tim Hortons than I spend at the LCBO. But now I understand why the LCBO would open up such a massive location on the Danforth.

                              2. Mangia E Bevi for a restaurant. An Asian snack food place in Pacific Mall (not sure of the name) for a specialty store.