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Jan 14, 2014 09:51 AM

New Haven Folks - What Say You about Mambo Cocina Latina & Mezcal?

I have been reading incredible things about Mambo Cocina Latina on State Street. (Seems they invaded my FB page with a mouth-watering ad that peaked my curiousity.) I did some research and see that they were formed by the folks involved with Bin 100, Goodfellas and Luce. But it is strictly Nuevo Latino with Chef Alex Morales. Anyone been? PIcs on FB and Yelp look incredible. Their website seems to be under construction:

Another place that looks good that I've been wanting to try is Mezcal on Mechanic Street. This looks to be traditional Mexican but pics appear to have a lot of Mexicans dining there so wondered how authentic it is.

Please let us know about parking too since I know State Street can be difficult. I work on Long Wharf so am always interested in new places for dinner meetings, etc.

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  1. Me too...just picked up a menu yesterday on the way by

    1. Geeze, $11 for "tableside" guacamole is outrageous...better be Carmen Miranda making it and shaking her ass.

      1. "pics appear to have a lot of Mexicans dining there so wondered how authentic it is."

        Isn't that the first clue that it's authentic?

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          I know. That's a good sign, but I rarely hear anything about Mezcal on any foodie sites, so was curious if any CHers have been there firsthand.