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Jan 14, 2014 09:50 AM

Pesach programs under $2k per head?

Anyone know of any programs that under $2k. Its a plus of the food and accommodation are good and the location is warm - but I guess at this price its unlikely?

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  1. I'd be happy to eat at home if I could do it that cheaply.

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      We host! Four families eat here for 10 days. One family provides all the pre-pesach dinners for 3 nights, plus all matzo and a case of wine. Another does all the paper goods and a crate each of tomatoes, apples, and potatoes. Another family provides the meats and cheese (we do dairy lunches on yom tov plus most of chol ha moed) I fill in the rest. I really don't go over our usual weekly budget for food. We make everything from scratch. I love to cook, and my kids get taken out on fantastic outings by visitors while I work on the culinary logistics. I do not have a big house, but even with 5 adults and 11 kids staying here, and another family next door it works out great. this year, if the weather cooperates, we want to set up our 10-man tent in the back yard. :)

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        Low price...but I don't think of New Jersey as a warm location.

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          True, but a warm location would probably mean $$ added to programs bottom-line cost for airfare. As an example one can surely find hotels in Israel that are inexpensive yet one must add the cost of airfare. So if you are in NY and want to keep total pp cost at under $2k/head you will not get a warm climate, however, hopefully the hotels in New Jersey are well heated :)

      2. (Tried posting this a couple of times, but didn't see it. If it eventually shoes in triplicate - Sorry!)

        Look into i-4 tours. Here are the rates but call the program to see if you can get a family discount. The program is Orlando so its warm but not too far (air fare wise etc). I heard the caterer is great and the hotel was recently renovated. Will be there in a few days for Yeshiva break. Looks like the fee for the person in a room is a little over 2k but the additional people are much less:

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          Looks interesting, but a couple rate would be $4,500 + $1,125(!)Tax (25%) = $5,625 + two airfares if coming from New York (~$400pp or $800) = $6,425 a couple vs $3,195 - half the price (this of course assumes NY guest)

        2. Thats why we stay home :) However gsquaredb was looking at a warm location - I haven't seen anything lower than that (for an actual program). Most people who come will probably bring other members of the family and then the additional adults or kids in the room will bring the per person rate down closer to what they are looking for. The tax and gratuity rate is common. I checked the Pesach for Less site and the taxes are included but the gratuities aren't in that number so the total would be a little higher than 3195. I am tempted to try the Orlando program this year - maybe just for Chol Hamoed and last days.

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            Not necessarily, my read was that the OP wanted under $2k/pp program, the warm location was described as a "plus". I take this to mean that one is coming from up north (like NY) and the cost of airfare must be included in the $2k/pp price tag. Same goes for the required taxes. I personally find charging 25% to be rather excessive.

            Would be usefull if the OP would clarify his/her requirements i.e. is the $2k a total figure and if the warm climate is a requirement or a plus.

          2. Thanks for the comments. The Pesach for less seems to be about what we should expect at that price. I am not sure Trenton is what I had in mind. I was hoping for Mex, CR, Panama etc. Just to clarify I wasnt expecting airfare to be included in the price.

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              As a rule of thumb, once you bring foreign accommodations into the mix there's less room to negotiate deals into the mix. Add to that the cost of transporting food, supervision, special accommodations and you're never going to hit a "low" price point.

              1. re: gsquaredb

                If airfare is not an issue then one should be able to find programs in Israel for under 2K/pp. Israel hotels tend not to be into golf courses, tennis, scuba diving, poolside bbqs, lavish 24hr tea rooms, Yaakov_Shwekey, and other budget busting add ons. In 2006 while my daughter was in Israel while my son in law was in medical school I paid for them to stay at a hotel in Israel. It cost me $1,100 for BOTH of them and included breakfast and dinner at the Prima Kings. No golf course there or tea rooms but the kotel was not to far away! Prices have certainly gone up since then but I think the kosher hotes are still reasonable.